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  1. Ahh, sorry, I think I missed the error saying the file was too big. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q72rzkfzpj33rri/Kat%20%28GuildRuins%29%20%2892faf63d-e2cc-426a-ae01-f65ff00723af%29%20%28769580815%29.7z?dl=0 Again, to reproduce the bug of him re-appearing *after* fracturing his soul and watching him leave, you need to leave the guild ruins (and enter the guild hall), then re-enter the guild ruins to where the dragon is, and he'll reappear. As far as the bug with not being able to fracture his soul, I don't have any experience with that bug, sorry. When I played through it, I had a meta
  2. She requires 4 crates. I believe she says this when she gives you the quest, so her asking for 3 crates when you go to turn them in must just be a typo.
  3. Not sure if this is a consistent bug, or just with the Flamewalker Vessali bounty fight, but all of the flame nagas have 0 burn armor. Might not even be a bug, but figured I'd report it as one since.. y'know.. flame nagas. Screenshot for reference.
  4. After fracturing the dragon's soul, he's freed of his imprisonment and leaves. However, when leaving the prison, entering the Watershaper's guild hall, then returning to the prison causes him to re-appear. Attempting to talk to him, he says "I make no promises to cooperate with your... animancy games." as if I were still trying to free him. I've attached a save file immediately after fracturing his soul and him leaving. To reproduce the bug, leave the guild ruins, enter the guild hall, then immediately come back into the prison.
  5. I just completed this quest without any bugs; there is no door you manually enter. However, there is someone waiting outside the door who is supposed to guide you in, and if you aren't seeing them, then that may be the bug right there.
  6. Whispers of the Endless Paths (combining the fragments of Whispers & Blade of the Endless Paths into a greatsword) has very low damage for being a greatsword, with a base of 9-15 damage.
  7. I went back and tested it, at least against the sand blights, and it seems to be true- for the full duration of the blind, the characters are unable to act or do anything, and their recovery bar doesn't go down. Only when the blind ends do they start to recover. Also tested blinding enemy characters; it didn't have the same effect. They were able to recover while blinded, at a seemingly normal rate as well.
  8. I've been having a lot of trouble with the sand blights fight on PotD and I couldn't figure out why, until I noticed every time I fight them, at least one (usually more) of my party members sit at a full recovery bar, unable to do anything but move, same as you. I don't think they were always blinded, though. Not 100% sure, but the fight is very frustrating with only 2-3 of your party members actually doing anything, so I haven't tried to figure out what could be the cause.
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