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  1. Playing version 3.0 with seeker/slayer/survivor integrated and I'm still getting the bug. Furthermore, can't talk with Ruasare after clearing out crookspur.
  2. yay ukaizo guardian fix!! now we only need increased level caps and it's all perfect...
  3. Hi, I've just started playing PoE a few months back. I'm on the latest patch, of course. I'm experiencing unusually long load times, and after some research I came across a lot - and I mean a LOT - of threads on the subject, all of which ended in that the patch had 'partially' fixed load times. Well, my load times are indecently long. Is there a way to fix that on 3.0.1? I've tried everything suggested for earlier versions - reducing savegames, disconnecting the network, playing as admin. Is there a way to bring load times down to a manageable level? Thank you!
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