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  1. Agree. Currently doing a PoE 1 playthrough. You can take the "urgent" things very seriously or you can help out companions and any groups you find having trouble and feel justified either way. That seems like the best way to accommodate most tastes. I generally don't like what I would call speed runs, but I might want to do something like that next time and I can. I think good RPG developers only produce the "movie." Each player gets to direct it and approve the script (more or less ). It can be a breathless action movie first then a slowly building "the world is going to end but not tom
  2. I like fighting huge mobs so I hope there is a separate tick box or something for that. I feel like that is what veteran is/war but I am currently savoring a long play through of PoE 1 and when I choose that the enemies just use Charm or Dominate. I want to fight their team not mine. I also don't want to pound on four enemies (or one) for an hour . Maybe for some super boss but not every fight. Different tastes Please don't "just" increase the amount of mobs. This is not what makes combat more fun or difficult... just tedious. It's not the amount of mobs - but the number
  3. Thanks! I will try this tomorrow and roll into a new game in some days. PS: Disclaimer - I only use Galaxy to download. I disable most of it. PPS: Not surprised by your compliments about sound, etc. Their ittle touches are often as big a deal as the rest. Can't wait.
  4. Question for GOG players. I wanted to make sure I have the new game without ruining anything for myself so the answer may be really obvious: I've opened the new game link through fig and GOG. Not much seemed to change (I do see new godlike heads ). There didn't even seem to be anything to update on GOG galaxy. Nothing happens when I click "Create New History," I don't see any DLC goodies in my inventory, and I'm back on the beta island talking to the same stranded merchant. Does all of the new stuff kick in as we go along? Is there something else to do to update?
  5. Right. Dark Souls. That's what I had in mind; from its reputation. Not something I would buy but I know some like it. Hey, live and let die.
  6. Had the same problem on Classic and agree with general consensus, it's too much. Game also froze a few times and crashed on exit after this fight but that happens in other situations too. Other than this particular battle I really liked the challenge level of this update. Glad to hear this is fixed. Kind of hope we have a chance to test play the fixed version. Regarding difficultly levels i general, a game that you have to reload fights over and over and know exactly the right way to win the fight would be miserable to me. I'm glad there are accommodations for people who want to relax and pla
  7. True; but eventually Quina did move in and then it was more like having an uncle who owns a store and visits. A lot. But I did save his life. It's kind of touching really. Haha, you mean Madeleine? No, not Madeline. I'll tell you but it's just between you and me. Here's what happened: I'd been seeing Quina on and off all game but I'm an adventurer right? So I help out the guy with the store. Why not? Turns out the dragon didn't notice Quina that much and thought I must be dating the dude from the store. So what am I going to do? Not save him? We had a good talk afte
  8. No, not Madeline. I'll tell you but it's just between you and me. Here's what happened: I'd been seeing Quina on and off all game but I'm an adventurer right? So I help out the guy with the store. Why not? Turns out the dragon didn't notice Quina that much and thought I must be dating the dude from the store. So what am I going to do? Not save him? We had a good talk after the big fight and worked everything out. He watched my house while I was adventuring and I kept the discount. Good guy. Haha, you mean Madeleine?
  9. They. Are. Going. To. Eat. People. Your character tells them the truth. You personally took offense to the others being called animals. And now you say eating them is not a depiction of savagery? I sorely misjudged you; I did not realize you are a psychopath. Nothing to you is evil except possibly racism (the evil of which can never be attributed to a culture) and therefore there is no other way the story could have possibly introduced moral ambiguity except by suggesting the tribe treats a people with less advantages badly. The fact that that that creates no ambiguity just makes the t
  10. My character was just with Liara , who has a very complex personality and story, so I can't really speak to the other ME romances. I think I did have a thing with Miranda, who had an interesting story but I liked much less. Liara and I were on a break. It's a long story. I enjoy a complex relationship story but I have nothing against people who have...simpler tastes. I also don't have a bad thing to say about players who just want a very deep character versus one that is smoking hot or players who'd kind of like one that's both please.
  11. Making it clear what you are going for is a very good idea. For example, the dragon in Dragaon's Dogma can leap to a possibly awkward conclusion about who you care about most if you've been friendly to a merchant. Excellent game but maintain your reserve. I do mean Classic Bioware if you will. I didn't play DAI or Andromeda. I had the impression they are tied to the net and that doesn't interest me. Romance free can be good. Maybe a little too quiet in a couple of ways. And I find it easy to drift away from games if my character doesn't have that. I don't really care how it ends.
  12. Smuggling is safe? Taking up arms against the colonists is safe? How about if a group of colonists had secretly become assassins to feed the tribe? That would be to safe too right? No you must have colonized people that are racists, or species-est as they case may be and canniabals. Why do you suppose that is? Scenario solution: you set the animals free if you can and get food to the natives. Which person not playing an evil character says “Yeah it's cool. Eat them?” Where is the moral conundrum? All that is accomplished is any sympathy you may have had for them due to their colonizat
  13. I have noticed that everyone who doesn't care about something thinks others must be performing and accusing them of that is witty. A friend would have clued you in on the truth long ago. Yes everybody has good and evil. Thanks. I really had no idea and no one else has mentioned it. What I must not have said s making them guilty of more or less the same thing provides an excuse for it being done to them. No they aren't the same species. Since the entire point of the interaction with the Brood Queen is to make the player realize they are all-but human and your character actually tells t
  14. So much Bioware hate Because Bioware I take for granted that there will be several romance options when romance is an option at all. I'm sure it is done to have an option for a few different tastes and play-throughs. I don't think it's designed to be a free for all. I can't say the games prevent it but I think some NPCs take it very badly and leave. That seems like a setup that accommodates a lot of people. I feel like there is usually one character who is very attractive and nice/naughty/smart/tough enough to appeal to many players and then other romancable characters that lean more int
  15. I see an opportunity to make complex characters, something this group has done many times before, and something I fully expect, wasted and turned into the usual both-sides trash every depiction of a colonized peoples is. They could have been smugglers. Piracy is practically the theme of the game. They could have overpowered and avenged themselves on colonists recently and left the player in the position of siding with them or not. Lots of moral gum to chew on there. They could have been or done absolutely anything. Instead they (may) do a version what was done to them. Oh. And eat “people.
  16. You have learned to attempt to change the parameters of discussions to whatever suits you and argue positions no one has advanced. For example, Columbus is germane because someone bought him up. And he is a colonizer. And the slaver. And, perhaps, tolerated cannibalism. There is no way he is not germane except you would prefer he not be included. No one has made sweeping claims about morality except you. What has been said is that colonists built civilizations on slavery and savage exploitation and those atrocities are glossed over, as they are here, while the worst things particular p
  17. Columbus brought horrific slavery to the continent, and was notorious for his barbarity but because of the whitewashing we are discussing he is still considered a hero by many for getting lost. I don't know the story you're referring to. I don't say cannibalism among native peoples was unknown but it was not universal, and as you point out eating flesh was not unknown among colonials when pushed to extremity at that time, and it was certainly not unknown in their early development. But native cannibalism is present in every apologia for colonialism. As common as examples of the varied
  18. I think you are right in every particular. That said, I started this so I will add a few words to the end. It's not about reaching for outrage, its about what you can grasp or choose not to. In these kinds of stories we rarely see the rape, torture and of course enslavement that defined colonialism but the same people who sneer at "noble savages" a description that satirizes and exposes itself, don't mind the noble colonizer trash trope that is far more common. Here we have hints of past terror but all we actually see is a hapless chief who thinks colonization is the salvation of his p
  19. I agree. I have rarely seen a person wearing a tag that indicates their sexuality. Collar yes, but that is an entirely different thing. Now that I really think about it I feel like if you can tell a character's sexuality by their behavior outside of a romance (or learning about their current love interest), the writer is being a little lazy and maybe kind of silly. You may think you know but you don't really know unless you know. This feels like a box writers can just step out and have every npc they can possibly imagine and every romance except maybe the most cliched,
  20. You are all proving my other point. Humans are animals too and many animals mourn, demonstrably nurture their young (certainly protect them) and even gather things they find attractive; this is just the fantastic leap beyond that. We can have an interesting discussion about what that implies about what the relationship to humans and animals should be, including whether or not you should eat them, but that's not what's happening here. The apparent technological imbalances and specifics of the abuse, as you character lays out in detail, leads you as the player inexorably to the conclusio
  21. Not bold, exactly my point. In this created situation of all the things the islanders could possibly be doing they have been given a similiar offense.
  22. Agree with the spirit of the thread. I ended up using the mercenary hire feature as a hot... I mean capable companion creator in PoE. Not a big talker but it's like she was made for me. I have to admit I don't get the idea of romances that don't happen because the NPC isn't into your character. Does it really matter to anyone that their straight or gay romance is gay or straight when someone else plays? I think I “heard” Deadfire will have a more sophisticated version of ME's flirt feature. That seems like a good way to keep the love alive. The downside of romance is if you're a c
  23. Can't speak to that at all. I haven't found the fruit so I can't appreciate why your character would leave the guy bound and being threatened with death for something he didn't do. Maybe he really is a horrible person or you are playing a character that doesn't care about that kind of thing. But I realized as I was writing this I meant the Brood Mother quest. Not the fruit. You as a Cipher ask the woman islander how she would like it if she was treated the way they are treating the animals. They actually have been, as you have learned from others in the tribe.The setup of your character pr
  24. I mean the stolen fruit. I'm at the point when you as a Cipher ask an islander how they would feel if they were treated a certain way; a way they obviously know everything there is to know about. The comment is about that specific plot point. The stretch to create a really horrible equivalence. Not whether the quest is compleatable in a technical sense. If you finished it and it ends better than it started that is what I really wanted to know.
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