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  1. Ok, highlight this spoiler that i'll post now regards, Rycal
  2. I'm beginning to wonder if any work's still being done on this mod Any word at all from the beta team or the people in charge? How's this Mod going?
  3. Are you two ladies done fighting? Or do you really want to get banned? Personally I just want to get the mod done, but there's nothing I can do about it, so why bother whining?
  4. What system do you run the game one and what is your OS? I have never encountered these troubles myself to be honest :| And I've played this game for years on many many many occasions
  5. have you checked on Youtube perhaps? Search for something like Malachor End movie or something like it
  6. No offense to anyone on the team, but that's just being an asshat from their side. Take the mod for Medieval II: Kingdoms called Third Age: Total war for instance. It was a total-conversion mod of the Kingdoms expansion into the world of Lord of the Rings. The mod started with a few dedicated people, but quickly they opened up positions and they got a huge surge of help and advices and encouragement from the entire Total War community. Their mod involved a lot more work than this mod, and it was done in a little bit over a year if I'm not mistaken, they're already working on their second pat
  7. True but... I'd win them all (yes. I know this is literally ripping english grammar in two) Just give me a lightsaber, my KOTOR 2 and rock 'n roll. I'll cut 'em all down
  8. This is indeed odd. I have experienced this myself once or twice but it always somehow fixed itself. I could say that you should try to install older drivers or perhaps run it in XP-compatibility mode if that is possible. I know that Vista has issues running older games, specifically Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords. There's been a lot of workarounds posted here on the boards. I suggest you contact LucasArts support, Obsidian or Steam and ask them what the problem might be The first thing I'd try to do is uninstall my graphical drivers and install perhaps an older or newer ve
  9. Heh, at this rate TSL could come out with three additional party members, Hiro, Mikiko and Superfly! Well I'm not one to speak for the team, but maybe some fresh and new blood would put some more life into the project, and take some weight off of Dashus and the others' shoulders?
  10. Don't know if anyone remembers what Kreia said when the exile was outside Tulak Hord's crypt. "We are like children with toys in prowess compared to the old masters" Should say a thing or two on how both the Sith and Jedi alike have fallen behind in lightsaber techniques, not sure if this would apply to post-KOTOR2-jedi and sith, but still. As for Darth Bane, did he not find a holocron of Darth Revan, teaching him secrets long forgotten? Hence, Revan would most likely beat Bane But then again. Revan was hardly a guy who'd go head-on into a combat situation without thinking abou
  11. Especially considering how fail those four years with that persident were
  12. Must say I prefer Refuse's picture a lot more than the guy above him. Hell, at least refuse is positive Don't care when it comes out, as long as it does come out. I'll say openly that I played the leaked beta, while of course it was buggy and crashy and whatnot - It still made me even more enthusiastic to play this mod when it's released
  13. Mantis was updated some: http://mantis.team-gizka.org/changelog_page.php The bug count/assignments are not being updated until the betas have a chance to go through 1.0b11, since there were significant changes made to certain sections of the mod that may completely invalidate some of those bug reports. Just because we don't see the progress, doesn't mean it isn't there. The project's dead when they say it's dead I'm perfectly content with waiting, as long as it gets finished. I'll be replaying KOTOR I and II many more times even without TSLRP, and when it comes, I definately will put
  14. Allow me to be candid for a moment: I don't give a rat's arse about when this mod or even IF this mod will be released. I haven't lost hope, but take a look around you. The world eceonomy is in something called a disaster/turmoil at the moment. If the Team chooses to care more about their RL or something else for that matter - is their choice. I'm instead awaiting eagerly a Lord of the Rings-conversion mod for Medieval II: Total war which is on 97% meaning they're two weeks away from their first release. When TG's Restoration Project is out, I'll definately play it. Two weeks or no Two wee
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