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  1. So after hearing about how great multi-classing is, especially when I need most of my guile for invisibility, I've been checking out possible builds. However, I have no idea what breaks stealth and invisibility - and I need to know the bare details so I don't come across any irritating surprises. Is there a cardinal rule for it beyond attacks? To tell you specifically what I'm trying to build, I'm thinking about making a marauder that uses an arquebus as her main weapon (scream to make bullet hit harder), on turn-based mode. Going into frenzy has some obvious perks, and I'm hoping it's not a pain to make a sneaky barbarian. Thanks in advance for any answers I get!
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frm7ja992te1wsg/AABAoPGrVc6PL0y1J6j35Ol1a?dl=0 Link to all the bug stuff there. Not sure a video or pictures are necessary since it's pretty simply: reloading that only stops when I switch to my melee weapons. Still doing it after saving and quitting the game. I'm dual wielding Eccea's and Thundercrack pistols. Other thing I noticed: I originally had The Kitchen Sink the reload enchant on in my offhand, and when I moved it to another party member its buff was still on my character. RIGHT when that character went down, the reload bug struck me, midfight. The buffs were removed when I had The Kitchen Sink completely unequipped, but the reload issues persisted (as you can see in the save file). Hope that helps, and helps soon. My playthrough is on pause until this gets resolved.
  3. I know about the quick switch builds, a good staple from PoE1 and all not really my thing, I get too attached to my weapons to just toss them aside like that, lol looking for more input on the mechanics than actual builds, because I like to try and whip up my own ideas any more... crunchy advice would be preferable
  4. Heya, didn't see too much on this, but I'm debating on a few things for my hearth orlan gun rogue. The big questions are pistol vs. blunderbuss, and two weapon style vs. single weapon style. I saw that the pistol modal gives me an accuracy penalty that's worse than what the blunderbuss has to begin with, but I presumably get more shots. The speed calculator has also pointed out that stealth massively increases my reload speed - which, given the diminishing returns for buffs, means that if that I make a rogue who has all the invisibility abilities then I wouldn't be worrying about reload speed anyways. My choice of weapon styles also adds a interesting wrinkle: hit to crit is something that hugely benefits a blunderbuss, and wielding a single weapon to start with effectively counters the accuracy penalty for the pistol modal and the blunderbuss's built-in accuracy penalties. However, my abilities that use my full attack are gonna be far less powerful - yet the dual wielding talen/ability also doesn't provide a significant speed bonus as far as these weapons are concerned. Could someone give me some solid input on where to go from here? I'm pretty flexible on everything but the fact that I want to use firearms for this character.
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