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  1. So i had issues with this dlc not showing up on xbox app. so i found it on the microsoft store. bought it there. it says i own the game on my account. When i go to owned games on microsoft app. i see the base game the first dlc both say "launch" but murder on eridanos has a " !" mark saying " this does not work on this device. If i launch the game the 2nd dlc is just grey out like i dont own it. I cannot download it is probably the reason why. but it wont let me as it just says it wont work on this device.
  2. ah this is great. So happy the PoE world is still alive. They put soo much work into that world as well. I wonder if you can have a companions. hmn so happy maybe with this we're get some more iso Poe games in the future as well. Take you're time obsidian, make it a big game, Only main issues i had with the outer worlds was it was to short.
  3. Damn, disappointed with this news. I always see Obsidian as the games for pc fans, and as such should have all of there games on all distribution options. I loved the fact i could choose to play Deadfire on steam, gog ext. I just cannot stand how Epic are doing things, just throwing money at devs isnt the way to make the community respect you. Put that money into making your platform amazing and show up Steam. Exclusive deals are just horrible and totally anti consumer. I really wanted to play The outer worlds, i still do, but i refuse to buy any game on Epic store, even more so with the total lack of security they have. Im still thinking i might get the game on the Windows store, its not great, but i much rather put my money down there instead of Epic. Damn this sux.
  4. I got my CE the other day, i knew b4 hand there be no discs, so it didnt bother me tbh. I love everything else in the CE. its good quality, the manual is nice and chunky, the big box is great, and love its in the vain of bg1-2 old pc boxes. overall i feel i got what i paid for. I mean sure i get why some are disappointed about the discs , but it did say in the details " game code" not game disc. so read better lol
  5. I enjoyed poe2 story , but it wasnt as good as poe1 in many ways. The biggest issue i had with deadfire is i kept thinking to myself, do i even need to chase eothas? I mean if my characer just went off and got drunk in a taven for afew weeks, the only thing that would change is that i wouldnt be able to ask eothas to do x, or y after he destroys the wheel. I mean he was gonna do it anyway, the watcher didnt really need to be there for any of it. His basic plan was sound anyway , no one else wouldnt of known either way lol. Where as in poe1 the entire story is focus on your connection with the main villain, the story just doesnt work without you, and your character definitely cant go get drunk in a taven during the entire thing lol.
  6. Same issue here, 1080ti , ryzan 1700. 32gig ram. running on an ssd. I get 30fps in town, citys. Ship deck battles is like 20fps. When it rains it tanks somtimes to 20. In dungeons its not to bad around 50fps. Running everything maxed out. Tried setting it all to min but i gain 5min max, so not really worth it. Defo something fishy going on.
  7. on an ssd here , max loading in say a city is nothing more than 10-12 secends. going from a city into a building , 3-4 secends max. Maybe try a defrag? turn sleep off on your hdd. not sure what else you could try.
  8. yeah im a little confused on this as well. prity sure i backed enough like others above me. dont see it on my steam list of dlc or in my list in my accont page, strange. prity sure it was listed ages as all content for poe2. hmn well if i have to buy wotever from what i've played so far this game is great.
  9. Start new game, select sex, press next , game crash. This happens every time cant get past that screen. Tried reinstalling , verifying files no good.
  10. The UI for inventory in poe 1 was perfect, you could trade between your party by dragging items very easily. In poe2 you have to pick up the item drag it to the party members face icon hope that you click the dead center or it cancels then drag it again to there inventory window. That just isnt good no matter how you look at it. So yeh as others said just remove that and have an entire party stash. I dunno if its just me but i really enjoyed the camping kits mechanic for resting, having a limited number at higher settings was really fun, and it was its own mini game in seing how far you could push your party before you really needed to rest. Right now it just feels as if you can rest after each fight which really takes away any strats inbetween encounters.
  11. Yeah im stuck near the start of the game, done this part twice, first time the quest for the fruit, i found the dried fruit at the beach from the guy at midnight. I started again for reasons but this time even though my quest log says the guy goes to the beach around midnight, no matter what hes never there, and so i cant find evidence to finish the quest. Tried a 3rd restart this time it tells me the dried fruit is up north past some guys house, well there is no house marked on the map or anything , i dont understand why this is proving so hard when it was done so easy first time around lol. Anyone willing to help or know if its a bug?
  12. i wouldn't say more console but it feels a lot more like Tyranny which isnt a good thing lol
  13. The transparent UI is odd, it a be nice to have an option to have this or the classic well designed wood finish background or something to match the theme of deadfire instead. Depending on the area you're reading text sometimes it can be hard to see the text well. -Combat speed is abit all over the place, often even on normal speed i notice somone run at 100mph to the target -The a.i options for your party are kinda basic there no defend party or buff options at all -The little quests in the game are not to clear in what you're suppose to do, after solving the fruit issue in town, i then went up north of the map got afew items from the lizard people and thats it. Because of the lack of information in my quest log i have no idea if thats just the end of the beta or if im suppose to kill the lizard people? Because i really dont want to kill them if i dont have too, but there is no way to know. -Whats with some of the sound effects in combat, i still cant figure out what some of those sounds are suppose to mean, and they dont really seem to fit the theme so there just like random noises that take me out of the game abit too much. -Selecting full background Ui for your interface doesn't seem to work. -The weather cycle is to fast, one secend its raining the next its sunny, repeat over and over. Apart from those nit picks i had fun, enough changes to feel new, combat is fun when it works, graphics are very nice, weather looks great as well. The lack of loading is probably the best change.
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