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  1. One minor tip Ive been using a lot in my PoTD runs is if you hover over each enemy the character they are targetings retical will change so you can identify who is about to get incoming damage. It makes it easier to identify might need some pre-healing hots. Helps the most at the start of combat. Wish I could say I always remeber to do this but its all a learning curve. Hope it helps and good luck!
  2. One question I have for those of you testing heroes is how does the Arcane Archers Imbue abilities interact with Soul Whip for a multiclass Seer? Do the "spells" attached to these abilities generate focus?
  3. I am having this problem as well. Also the damage per 3 seconds scales with might/spell damage so it punishes high might builds (I think with 17 might it's up to 6.1 damage per 3). Which honestly I am fine with (sort of) and the bigger issue is I've yet to receive the +15% action speed boost whenever I use this spell.
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