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  1. voice sets might be changing? what are the deets?? i would love to see that if they were to become regional to eora. accents, etc. the generic voicing worked for baldur's gate just fine, but if i'm playing a Vailian or an Aedyan why do i have the most generican sounding voice? looking back i understand this sort of attention to detail wouldn't make it into PoE 1. but accents and regional vox sets for characters vrs. "personality" types is more befitting the game and it's attention to setting. imho.
  2. also here's a fun fact about the witch's broomstick mythology! relevant to monk/drug topic even! "Flying ointments are found at a variety of points in magical history and many cultures. The essential ingredients are a grease base, one or more of the poisonous solanum species (Datura, Henbane or Deadly Nightshade and sometimes Aconite or Wolfsbane). The ointment is smeared on the forehead and around the thighs and was occasionally applied internally to the female genitalia using a broom handle, hence the myths. The alkaloids of the solanaceae cause drowsiness and unconsciousness in which hallucinations of flying occur." edit: Zahua also seems to take some inspiration from Hindu sects and their methods revolving around depersonalization and one-ness. I was reminded of the Aghori: covering one's self in the ashes of the dead, eating the dead, drug use etc. he seems to get at this with this introduction, but i think i can understand where some people are coming from with most of his one-liners being silly and stereotypical. "This freedom is a realization of the self's identify with the absolute. Because of this monistic doctrine, the Aghoris maintain that all opposites are ultimately illusory. The purpose of embracing pollution and degradation through various customs is the realization of non-duality through transcending social taboos, attaining what is essentially an altered stare of consciousness and perceiving the illusory nature of all conventional categories." i've even heard of yogic systems revolving around twitching to make one's self come off as bizarre or insane.
  3. thanks for this mate. finally some sense. also maybe some of you should stop trying to project or roleplay *yourself* in every rpg you get a shot at. if you're uncomfortable with the real world implications of drug use, i would in no way try to dissuade you or to change that in you. respect. but that really isn't even on the table. what we have here is an opportunity to behave, relate, and experience stories and persons outside our own in a controlled and safe medium. roleplaying right?
  4. "Fictional worlds aren't real, and are eternally mutable by creators. The only part that does exist is the finished text and the idea that it represents. Writers routinely alter "the rules" to suit their interests and the needs of their story. So in the world outside the diegesis, in "our world", only the implications and impact of that fiction actually matter." And the implication and impact this work of fiction has inadvertently had? The backlash against this perceived "weeaboo" fetishization is imo about whose fetishes are "more normal"--or really, "more better." It's an ongoing and hostile exchange, between adults, about how a doll should be dressed and how she should behave. Bonus points if it's "historically accurate!" This remains the appeal. Though in defense of the concepts of "weeaboo" and "fan-service", these are at least *mindful* of that appeal. I wonder about Ydwin's debut. Full companion or not. I think it will be difficult for anyone who has been following Deadfire's development this far to be able to see her with fresh eyes. As was intended. I liked the concept. I liked the concept illustration. I liked those two things even more as a "sum of it's parts." HYPE for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire! <3 tl;dr: search for "Pillars of Eternity, Edér" on tumblr
  5. I'll pitch in too and say that mechanically the Monk is not only just *actual-real-good* fun to play, but it is powerful. Frantic for me, at least in their unarmored capacity. You think to complain when Zahua almost drops in the first few seconds of an encounter: but with those same wounds generated he totally turns the fight around in ways no other companion/class can. Really great to see an internal narrative come out with a perfect balance of game mechanics, and that game's fluff. As much as I would like to play through one as the Watcher, Zahua just gets a hell of a lot more opportunities- in all their relevant lore-- to play out "the Monk." More than I would as the Watcher, at least. I'm fine with that. Shine on you crazy diamond. <3
  6. Question: How do you kill a vampire? A. sunlight B. stake to the heart C. holy water D. fire E. decapitation F. silver bullet G. all of the above H. the question is irrelevant, because vampires don't exist. Answer: the answer is H! Short of that- look to the relevant lore. Monks is PoE are "members of various fighting groups, mostly found in the Eastern Reach, and Ixamitl etc." etc. Booooooring. Right? The reason they're not like this or like that is because they are like what they are like. We can try to reverse engineer the whole lot. To try and match elements of our fictional worlds with appropriate real world influences: but ultimately these are at best, just that, influences! Purely mercenary in application (at least for any good writer.) One could say that in the pursuit of fiction, and fantasy in particular, it's a little regressive to constantly draw everything back and out of the internal world, and forcibly into the real one. One could say a radical element of fantasy is to try and take advantage of the internal world's irrelevancy: to bend the rules and the laws contained within it to push boundaries and break stereotypes of the real world. You know... as opposed to instead reinforcing those same stereotypes. You know... when there is absolutely no gravity to continue to do so. Because you know... none of it is real: and at the same time all of it is subject to revision and remediation at any time, eternally, by its creators.
  7. There's further pledging available; another 400 bucks (or around there, not an exact figure!) for "Create an Item" in addition to the Pirate Crew that we already achieved, so your donation would *totally* be appreciated! There's another thread dedicated to a poll and discussion about the item--what we would want it to be, etc. thanks for the follow-up, but here's one right back at ya! is there a separate paypal for the Create-an-Item pledge? or would i donate to the paypal that has been up for the Black Isle Bastards?
  8. Perhaps it could act similar to Stevenson's Black Spot in TREASURE ISLAND? That said, if I was making an item with an Obsidian theme, I'd be hard pressed not to make a shield and call it the Black Shield of Falworth... i like this. the black spot, something along those lines. or even better a black "O"?
  9. congratulations everyone! im excited dont, get me wrong: but a little miffed i go to donate today, and find overnight the last push was made. without me!? what are your thoughts on slacker backing crewfunded crowdfunding? seriously though, how would any extra funds be allocated towards Deadfire? still more than willing to pitch in. or would it be more feasible just to up my pledge *pledge*?? let me know guys! regardless this is a great community legend in the making. made really. <3
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