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  1. The topic is 'are ratings getting worse?'. They seem to be, because all of the new ones along with user ratings are lower than ever before.
  2. Are people starting to find out that NWN2 is more a disaster than it is a success? New scores and ratings have been cropping up all over, including the RewiredMind one found here: http://www.rewiredmind.com/review/neverwinternights2 The Metacritic User rating (now an abysmal 4.8 of 10) found here: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...erwinternights2http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...erwinternights2" target="_blank"> http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...erwinternights2 And the Amazon DVD reviews here http://www.amazon.com/Atari-26503-Neverwin...M/dp/B000E0XX9Q Do these new lower scores coming on the heels of the 1up.com rating http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3155234suggest a decline in player favor for the Neverwinter sequel? Or perhaps just more extensive exploration of the game revealed new faults that were initially assumed to not exist?
  3. Soultief... Guy who bashes NWN2 before it comes out, then buys it and bashes it some more. You could edit all his posts to say "Hi, I
  4. Yeah, that was a definate plus to include in the toolset btw. Hopefully some of poorly designed spells can be changed by a CEP type team where including the changes is more global than just one server for online play.
  5. I never said such a thing. I merely mentioned I work in design. So I have naturally scrutinizing eye. I never said I'm the authority. But for you to lump one side topic about Spell VFX into "I like NWN2's graphics", isn't relevant to what I was discussing. Rift pointed to a thread of people disappointed with some specific spell VFX, not all of them, and not the graphics in general (which I do have some issue with *chiefly the backgrounds looking so good and the characters themelves looking so opaque at times and too bright at other times). We get that you don't care about spell vfx. Thank you for your apathy and willingness to receive whatever is spoonfed to you. I'm simply referring to the thread link that Rift pointed to and interjecting my own opionion about certain buffing effects. "
  6. You were a graphic artist right? I'm an Art Director for a local communications design firm. Certainly you can appreciate the importance of design aesthtic. Sure form follows function, but with no form, function fails to engage. In video games, that's a big deal. IGN PC's less than colorful review of the graphics certainly took into account all of the details that were missing.
  7. Well considering that J.E., I'd just assume see no vfx at all for those lower end ones that stack so many giant glowing circles on you you cant see anything else. Cut thoese out and maybe have room to redo Wail, Implosion, and Issacs Greater Missles Storms.
  8. It's that kind of apathy about game details that starts to erode the standard of video games today. While you may see it as ridiculous, others with a discerning eye do not. These "details" combine to make a game more immersive in the end. Rift is right in that details "Add up".
  9. They really aren't 3D - seriously. Ask any of the developers, or circle the caster yourself with a camera. Now Compare that to like Spell Resistance from NWN1. See the obvious dimensional difference? You may not mind or care, but it just simply looks cooler. These features "add up" as Riftworm put it. And 5 years later you should be able to make that happen. But you're absolutely right about too many spells apearing as spheres (albeit 1 dimensional spheres). in NWN2. It's too hard to differentiate between spells.
  10. Well shadow shield cast AFTER the visage spell rather in NWN1. Also missed elemental shield. But you notice how when you circle around the caster in NWN2 , you have no indication they are encompassing the caster in an enclosed 3dimensions? The look ok enough (sans the grandma quilt pattern) but notice how they arent 3D? Just circles slapped on there.
  11. Well those arent "fully buffed" as you're missing spell resitance which was a pretty cool looking spell in NWN1, and shadow shield and of course the post 20 epic spells which were amazing. But working with these two pics - notice that the NWN2 has just 2 circle slapped on there. BNoth of those aren't 3 dimensnional, they're not even 2 dimensional. There is no indication that they encompass the casters body as they did in NWN1. You could circle around the caster with a camera in NWN1 and see that the spells encompassed the caster in 3 dimensions. The photos don;t show that here as they are 2D, but those spells ont he right from NWN2 arent "encompassing" the caster. The one that looks liek a quilt pattern and the other just appear as flat circles.
  12. Many people huh? Where are these so called many people? In reality NWN2 fully buffed looks like a x-mas tree, while in NWN1 you looked like a person buffed with spells.
  13. This quote taken from Bioware forums sums up my feelings on spells It's true. Take a comparison pic and run a poll.
  14. Naw, J.E. Sawyer confirmed they didn't have elevation tiles for interiors.
  15. I know what youre saying. Yet NWN1 I played for a year straight .. but ya I was like that after the first week with this game, even after the 1.03 beta it just doesn't look good enough visually for me to get into. Not with some of the other games out now at least.
  16. If it was designed for single player, wouldnt it actually have been more non linear? The character models and animations in NWN2 are simply terrible. Hopefully they can still overhaul it, but I fear that its already too late. Crap animations, the lack of vertex weighing and downright hideous (both in terms of aesthetics and graphics) player models is just something that we will have to live with. I like the fact that there is no fog of war. The only thing bad about it is that it largely invalidates IE style scouting in stealth mode. I find it disgusting that he is trying to sweep the sentiments of so many disappointed players under the carpet with his blatant, absurd lie. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah but what is he going to say "The community is ready to burn us at the stake"..He's trying to keep food on his table. So of course he's in denial of th backlash against NWN2.
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