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  1. okay i seem to have a curse on me when i play fallout2 i go to redding and ask the sheriff if i can help he always says get some more exp first. im at level 8 so what level do i have to be at or do i need a patch.
  2. yea i played it i picked it up to its fun and im almost done with it.
  3. agreed, but whenever i start flaming about bush i always get crap from people so im trying to avoid it this time. oh and i just got back from canada not to long ago great place they didnt even cut my movie tickets, i just walked right into the theater.
  4. very funney im laughing my guts out. so am i just going to get a bunch of crap or a real reply
  5. Proper grammer also. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> will do but i dont see maney mistakes up there
  6. president bush said that were going to war with more countries that are in tirrany. so the plan is to go to more wars. when we already have iraq on our hands we cant take on like 5 countries at a time. well since its going to happen anyway i say we start makeing the great underground vaults whats your opinion guys.
  7. Fallout brotherhood of steel i bought it just because it had fallout on the cover even though it looked crapy i bought it anyway 1 hour later i returned it wow that game sucked i liked the bg:da engine for the first but the secound game and champions of norrath it got pretty old another game that sucked was ff8 just because ff7 was so much better.
  8. <---------------------------my name my pic says it all i did like bg but i lost entrest in it half way to much dungeon crawling
  9. i wouldnt blame obsidian because of the bugs because i saw alot of the same bugs here that i did in the first game (your disc may be dirty or damaged), (the save game is damaged), (black screens) ect. well i thought they would clean these up but i guess not im starting to think its the game engine desing or something because i have many other games for x box that have no problems playing at all only kotor 1 and 2. im hearing that they will make an xbox live patch to fix these only i dont have xbox live and im not going to get it to fix 1 game in my collection thats to much money im not that de
  10. learn how to spell well
  11. i never liked that band im glad they made asses of themselves
  12. mine on the 7th of september. but when it starts :angry: another year of crap
  13. van helsing would get his ass wiped so bad againsted the whole belmont family. :D JC Denton vs. NEO <_<
  14. yes i do know that but i would still like to see em battle it out.
  15. chris rock vs dave chapelle. redman vs method man. and rob zombie vs white zombie.
  16. i was on movies.com and i saw that they were/are making a deus ex movie check it out http://movies.go.com/movies/D/deusex_2003/index.html
  17. might want to work on your spelling there pal.
  18. Vault-Tech


    Is there no way of haveing a legal p2p network 100-200-300 name the price i would pay it but damn there is no ware safe to download music or movies it pisses me off when i go to a so called legal p2p site it just says that. it all just smells fishy only 1.00 a month or only a cent a day if you have a recomendation please let me know i want a legal site. i dont want to risk getin sued by the riaa damn them old greedy basterds.
  19. PG-13 what do you expect
  20. maybe 2 trillion or 3 but not 7.
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