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  1. Yeah some, flavor to the usual "prisoner wake up" would be cool. New Vegas had decent approach having a very loosely defined background for the MC.
  2. Anything but Q4 should be ok for them. In light of the recent acquisition I'd guess they really need this one to be financial success in order to get that M$ juice flowing for future projects. If it supports Linux I will. A bit off topic, never really understood the adamant stance on Linux that some take... I mean each project, especially Obsidian ones, has limited budget that probably can be spent better on the actual game. Also Unreal leaves some to be desired regarding Linux. After all PC running multiple OS for different use is not really a big deal, unlike other platforms.
  3. Plot twist, the head of Halcyon corporate board is your son
  4. Fallout is in no way dead, Bethesda still has Starfield/TES6 and you can bet Fallout 5 after that, even if F76 was a disaster it's not going to kill off the main rpg series. I mean I enjoyed Fallout 3/New Vegas (Fallout 4 less so). The humor and retro-future aesthetic is something that makes Fallout games so enjoyable and unique. I hope The Outer Worlds goes a similar route but in more of a space/sci-fi game, kind of like a Firefly/Fallout sort of mix. In my opinion Bethesda either doesn't understand Fallout and what turned 1 & 2 into cult classics despite their numerous flaws or just doesn't care about it and treats it like a step child which they are not very fond of.
  5. I would also greatly appreciate if both 1st and 3rd person are available.
  6. Never had doubt in what Boyarsky and Cain can do together. Trailer hits all the right spots. Now, may I get a cryo pod untill release ?
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