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  1. To update: Lord Darryn's Voulge is found on a land-locked shipwreck on an unnamed island. The island is found on the southmost edge of the map, slightly east of the north/south line on the world map.
  2. you sure that "Sing us a song, brother" is directed at you and not an NPC? edit: the only NPC comments directly referencing me that I can recall are in the Gullet and in the Port Maje Huana-town. Neither of which is gender specific as far as I can recall. And neither is class specific either. I can't think of any class-specific npc callouts off the top of my head.
  3. I for one know that I'm waiting with baited breath for Mirke to unlock to start my next playthrough. Hoping it comes out soon.
  4. I confirmed that they were hits, and I spawned in multiple bears in succession. Each fight a new fight. Also confirmed by another person earlier in the thread. This has also been an issue with other weapon and buff-type skills. I think I remember 3 other threads referencing a similar issue. Are you using the beta branch perhaps? The issue may have been resolved in the most recent patch, or its possible you were simply lucky enough to not be afflicted.
  5. You get to choose, but the Wizard version is better than the Ranger version. (Static +10% Corrode damage versus a 1/encounter hobble & weaken)
  6. Throwing my vote in for Geomancer. Wizard is the better of the Blightheart versions that Maia can have access to, theres a bunch of buff spells that Maia gets access to from the wizard line along with Heart of Decay which further benefits Blightheart. If you want to micromanage her, going Wiz allows you to drop armor and trust in your buffs for defensives. You lose the reload on her armor but gain the increased action speed which applies to reload, fire and recovery. Also, wizard Blightheart is a static +10% corrode damage from all attacks, so all the corrode wizard spells are that much stronger. And she gets access to repulsive visage which is one of the stronger spells in the game, in terms of CC at least.
  7. Xoti also has a summoned weapon that is a Sickle, might be what you're looking at. (Firebrand, Druids summon greatsword) was also in the game files last I checked) Also, Serafen gets his second Blunderbuss on completion of his companion story arc. Its basically his first Blunderbuss at a higher enchantment level (superb instead of whatever it was).
  8. +10% Corrode (Wizard) versus a 1/encounter Hobble & Weaken attack(Ranger). The weapon comes with a baseline 20% chance to Hobble and Hobble & Weaken are not difficult afflictions to apply.
  9. If you go the blightheart route though, you'll want to multiclass Maia to a Wizard as the Wizard version of the weapon is a better damage stick than the ranger version.
  10. To Clarify: All Uniques and Modwyr can be upgraded to Legendary Quality. All Soulbounds save Modwyr cannot be further enchanted. The limit (in the base game) is the number of crafting materials present, which I believe is only enough for 3 legendary quality upgrades but I didn't double check so I'm not sure.
  11. Yes, if your ally is in the Linear path of Ball Lightning they will get damaged. Bottoms up is a primary attack (I think it does crush damage) and leaves the target stunned for a short while.
  12. Ball Lightning is a slower traveling Lightning Bolt spell. 42-56 shock base. Accuracy vs. Reflex. Bounces up to 2 times, -20% damage on bounce. Interrupts on hit. and edit: Judge is +10 Accuracy against Judged targets. Editing above post to reflect. I used eder against relatively low-level bears spawned using: SpawnPrefabAtMouse cre_Bear_Giant here is how Judge is currently working. Judge is a self targeted +10 Accuracy buff that is currently only going out in the first combat after the mace has been soulbound. You can re-bind the mace to force judge to go out once more but if you do not re-bind the mace, Judge WILL NOT apply on any combats after the first. Judge will apply to all targets struck by a hit in the first combat after soulbind. Additionally, I wanted to double check the Cipher bonus on the Magistrate's Cudgel so I tossed it to Ydwin and boosted it to max. Verdict DOES NOT attack again on Crit. Verdict DOES apply the Stunned Affliction (Might) on crits.
  13. Um, I dunno. I'll try to double check. My Eder was at 50some odd damage on judge for the entire game, but I had him in plate and he wasn't hitting many enemies more than once or twice.
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