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  1. Not in any particular order. 1.Champions of norrath - first rpg i fell in love with 2.Pillars or eternity 3.mass effect 3
  2. I have looked around a bit and not seen this noted. Basically a rogue discovers a trap and when you click your group to move past it they dont just stroll over it and get everyone killed. As i am replaying that has to be one of my biggest frustrations and its something i believe a rogue would tell the group "hey dont step here" kinda thing.
  3. i think the idea of romance is great, every great story has romance. Non - player romance would be cool, similar to fable 2. They are shop owners? or city guards than you can swoon to get what you want. I will admit i did like the romance parts in Baldurs Gate's with playable chars.
  4. Ya, i imagine it would work (for game mechanics) like casting a spell.
  5. i guess an idea could be the more strength a char has the farther they can throw it, but accuracy also comes into play as well. Say a tank throws a fire bomb really far but is much less accurate than a rogue with high dexterity but less range.
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