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  1. I don't know what yandere means, but if it has anything to do with that yandere game and its creepy borderline pedo developer, I want no part of it.
  2. I'm not enthusiastic about double the VO. I usually read faster then the speech, and many times it was a chore to listen to the entire dialogue. I would prefer a more variety of voiced NPCs.
  3. That is such an insignificant thing. I hope the developers concentrate on bigger things first.
  4. Limited special ammo, or different ammo types would be a good compromise.
  5. Every other great RPG like PoE had a 6 player party. There is no need to go about making unnecessary changes. Don't mess this up Obsidian.
  6. I would also like to know if Obsidian might/could screw over North American fan and not deliver the collectors edition here, like another soon to be released RPG. Also, how do I get the backers badge?
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