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  1. If you didn't play the mobile version, you may be unaware of the quest mode they implemented for it. It had randomly generated scenarios, and replaced the progression mechanic with an experience point system.
  2. I'm not saying it's great. It's lousy. I'm unlikely to buy the steam version, myself. Angry iOS players are probably water under the bridge for them now. I'd be curious how many PC players have linked their accounts with a mobile device.
  3. I suspect that if the f2p business model of pathfinder was meeting their goals, they would not have changed it. We saw gold rewards decreased and the addition of cosmetic dice and character variants added in a way that strongly suggests they were fumbling for additional income. Now that the steam version has forgone the f2p model, they can't easily walk it back. Theyd make their steam customers upset if they did so. Just as importantly, they feel they've already tried f2p for this game and it hasn't worked.
  4. They gutted the best part of the app to make room for pay-to-win items. Those who would give up their liberty for security deserve neither, etc.
  5. Co-signed. The best part of this game has been gutted. A long-term player like myself, after months of waiting, is forced to upgrade and in doing so loses a headline feature in return for a few bug fixes and the opportunity to pay again. As a 'thank you' for playing quest mode, we get tossed a few chests - and that reward is buggy. Classic. You guys made a pretty great (tho buggy) game with a flawed business model. In an attempt to salvage the bottom line somewhat, we now have a much worse game with a still-flawed business model. Everything about this game's development history has been backwards. The usual plan is to start with a paid release on PC where titles typically can charge more. Work that out, then potentially move to a mobile platform where there's a much larger, but much more price-sensitive audience - but you might be able to include micro transactions to help offset as well. Going the other direction seems much riskier. I hope things work out and that this game gets continuing development, but I fear that with this update Obsidian has finally put a bullet into this project. I look at Pathfinder as an excellent foundation, and the mobile version as a great idea with mediocre-to-poor execution. If this is the end, what lessons do decision makers take away from this? :/
  6. EDIT: Whoops, i'm dumb. Still sad I'm locked out of the game by a progression bug. Oh, also - not sure if it's new but the archer ally seems to have a bug. Using Lem with a crossbow, if I then play archer the dice decrease(?)
  7. That's a hell of a bug list. I am unable to play due to card feats.
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