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  1. I know, I watched it already, and liked watching it again. I hope that they are going to make this game for XBOX.

    The untitled game will be available for the PS3 and the XBOX 360 in 2008. Pixelux is developing DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) for both architectures.



    I am not talkin about the Darth VAder game that is untitled, I am talking about this game.

    I am referring to "this" same game, Mr. Conroy. As for the present, the official name of the title has yet to be revealed to the gaming public. The "Star Wars: Force Unleashed" dub currently circulating throughout the Internet is a temporary substitution, employed to pacify and engage the inquisitive, prospective supporters.

  2. what about the silver or the silvery green crystals? I think you only get these colors by random.

    Actually, you can purchase any color you wish from Samhan Dobo. You must first complete the Smuggling Sidequest before he will allow you to view his Black Market inventory. He is located on the West side of the Dobo Brother's Emporium, Entertainment Module 081, Telos. From Residential 082 East, go North to Entertainment Module 081. Upon entering Entertainment Module 081, save your progress in a New Slot. After you have saved your game, travel West to Samhan Dobo and ask to view his inventory. He is selling a Color Crystal for a Lightsaber. If the Color Crystal is not the one for you, press the Start button, access the in-game Options menu and load the game that you saved upon entering Entertainment Module 081. Visit Samhan Dobo and view his inventory again. You will notice that, along with other items in his inventory, the Lightsaber Color Crystal has changed. Repeat this process until the desired Color Crystal is offered.

  3. Obesity hurting accuracy of images, doctors say.


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- More and more obese people are unable to get full medical care because they are either too big to fit into scanners, or their fat is too dense for X-rays or sound waves to penetrate, radiologists reported Tuesday.



    I suspect it is now time to increase the particle acceleration on our Radiographs, specifically electrons. Some Gamma should penetrate that crap! :p

  4. It should, if it's K3. Which it isn't.


    Cracks me up to see people like you who really have no clue what they're talking about, go around saying stuff like its fact.


    Trust me man, the odds are way in favor of a Kotor 3 being made. And if you are so against Kotor 3's development, go somewhere and make an Anti-Kotor 3 petition. But keep your negative comments to yourself and off this thread.


    This is the Kotor 3 Ideas and Suggestions thread. Not the "Anti-Kotor 3" thread.



    From the post of his you quoted he wasn't being negative or against K3, merely pointing out that that video was NOT K3, and that at press time K3 is NOT in production.

    :) I LOVE THIS CRAP! :lol:


    We'll know when it has been made official by the potential developer, guys.


    So... FEED YOUR ANGER!... :lol:

  5. I have found a link to a star wars game in development. It shows exciting footage of Jedi using cool force powers on storm troopers. But any way I heard that this exciting trailer can eventually lead to a hopeful Kotor 3.



    look below:





    Kotor should have been made with this type of gameplay in mind for future incarnations of the title i.e. they should have designed a more action oriented gameplay style that would evolve into this, in time. It's a shame that they settled for the safer but underwhelming D&D based combat system.

    The footage on this video is from a game that is currently in development and will not be available until late 2008.

  6. I like the idea of having the lightsabre customization more detailed but im not sure how exactly you can make it anymore different from the first and second kotor, I mean sure you can change the hilt and I guess you could change the length of the blade and color but what else i wonder?


    I would like the option to reference Planetary, Cultural, and Historic influences for design when constructing a Lightsaber. Example: Referring to an ancient Sith Lightsaber design.

  7. I still say the graphics and gameplay in that video look more suited to JA style action gaming than KOTOR style RPG gaming.


    But that's just me.



    the graphics look great,but i dont think it would work for kotor



    MAybe LA uses that engine for that Darth Vader game?


    Yeah, that kind of engine is better for Jedi Knight series than RPG's


    It is definitely possible for an RPG to utilize an engine of that type. Just take a look at BioWare's Mass Effect project. All combat within the game is Real-time.


    Mass Effect

  8. Dont know if its posted before, but the Star Wars Next Gen Video from youtube looks very good. Would be a nice engine for Kotor III.  :lol:




    It does appear to be good. I sure hope this emphasis on the more popular Force Abilities does prevent the developers from including the less common, i.e., Force Destruction(DS), Force Meld(LS), and certain forms of ancient Sith Alchemy.

  9. Whats the deal with making all the sith lords grey and rotten looking.  I mean, the only reason Palpatine was like that was cause of his force lighting that got shot back at him and Anakin that way cause of the fire burning his skin.  I really don't see why all the sith lords are being portrayed as "rotting."



    Actually, that was his face. Though the did lightning cause some burns, for the most part, it's Palpatines actual face.  :lol:

    I've heard that before, and I still don't understand it. If the Force (DS or not) can allow one to change one's appearance that drastically (as in, disguise the corpse like features into that of a kindly looking older man), why wouldn't he use it to imitate other people? There's no such indication that I've ever noticed in the films (never read the books and such) that the Force allows for this kind of transfiguration morphing of cells ability. C. Lee wasn't all funky looking, neither was Maul (well Maul was weird looking, but I thought that was simply because of his race) - yet Anakin starts going all bad-skinned and yellow-eyed in a few hours - seems inconsistent.


    I think they just flip a coin each time they have to decide whether they get the 'funky look'. :(



    While it's occasionally inconsistently dealt with, I don't think the idea that the DS would have some unsavory result on appearance is unreasonable. You can always make something up that sounds plausible in terms of the story-world. :)


    Mostly I just get hung up on the Palpatine real/not real face thing.


    As to Maul/Bao Dur - is that cannon? Just cause bao-dur's face changed doesn't mean Maul's did. Kinda like CS vs Anakin. :D I know Zabrack's are generally thought of as having mellower skin shades but I've also heard Maul's markings referred to as tatoos - ie that his skin might've been red to begin with and then he did the black tattooing, like in this comic rendering (hehe) :





    *tosses up hands* but I wouldn't know. :D


    The primary source of the anomaly may be the individual's distinguishing biological reaction to the corruption of the Dark Side, which is communicated symbiotically via Midi-chlorians.


    What you see in KotOR and KotOR II are overused archetypes. One's biological repercussion may noy exhibit any likeness to that of another.

  10. Lets see here... Bastila commanded the Endar Spire. Aayla Secura was a general during the Clone Wars. You have Admiral Dodonna back in the original K1. I could go on but there are many, many instances where females were generals or higher ranks.


    And how did all those missions turn out under female leadership? :(


    I kid, I kid!


    *flees from the neo-nazi femanists*

    Someone needs to learn respecting women who are in power. :-


    Poor Aayla Secura. :blink: It tooka bunch of cowardly Clone Troopers to bring her down.

    Nomi Sunrider is my favorite female leader. She was appointed Jedi General.

  11. In my experience, the most effective place to begin the production of a film is on paper. Conceptual Art and Creative Writing together are the essential precursor to a solid film, thoroughly allowing a filmmaker to project an impression that is consistent with the original cogitation and will eventually catalyze into an achievement, rather than an agglomeration of undesirable results.

  12. I personally would like to see George Lucas produce a film chronicling the Great Sith War, truly capturing the darkly phantasmagoric nature of the tale through innovative visual and narrative wonderment. Presently, the most effective way for me to describe my vision of the story would be to reference the following films: Dune, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Blade Runner, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

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