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  1. They made Peragus unnecessarily long and there wasn't anything to do except kill things.  On Taris you had a dueling ring, a swoop track, and I think way more interesting side quests.  Plus it was a much more lively environment and you met a lot of interesting characters.  Sure it may have been as long as Peragus, but at least it wasn't nearly as boring.  Peragus had way too much running back and fourth, and the whole "who killed everybody" mystery got old real fast.  By the end, I could have cared less who did it.  Just get me off this god-forsaken rock!  And at least on Taris they did a good job of making it so that you actually needed to bring your NPC's along with you.  I guess on Peragus you needed Atton to fly the ship, but I would have left Kreia there if I could have.


    I voted for Taris. There was more character interaction.

    Yeah, destroying the same droids over and over gets a little old.

  2. In Kotor III it would be sweet if there was a republic warship that crashed in a larg body of water somewhere in the galaxy and you had to slavage the wreck to find the belongings and remains of a jedi passanger, and they turn out to be alive in an airlocked room. just a thought


    This sort of reminds me of Luke Skywalker discovering the remains of Chu'unthor on the planet Dathomir.

  3. ok to start off what the people really want in kotor 3 is well oblisouly to start off with a few items from kotor 2s previous charechter because the story line would not make sense if this not to happen i also suggest new planents and more newer droids like r2d2 also there are lots of glotches in the first game like duplicting lightsabers that should be fixed makes the game unreal and my atton and haimaiden in the kotor 2 are invinsibledont why but its really funny and cause they cant die which i beat the game in like a day because of that and for kotor 3 more black robes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only have a dark jedi robe only dark robe plz fix!!!! kotor 3


    Nice... Some new droid models would definitely be cool. Just keep in mind that the KOTOR story is placed approximately 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin on the Star Wars Timeline, so the R2 model Astro Droids do not exist yet.

  4. Not hard at all. Your Skill placement throughout the game will affect your ability to construct certain Lightsaber components.


    My Favorite Combination:


    Enhanced Byrothsis Lens

    Refined Phobium Emitter

    Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell

    Qixoni Crystal and/or Sapith Crystal

  5. I think that Kotor 3 WOULD BE TEH KEWLEST THING EVAH if they would add 200 friggin planets into it, lol, and cool new force powerz such as Dark Blast that would deal over 800 damage, woot OMG, that would be SOOOOO COOL!!!


    And then I want new lightsaber stuff, like black color crystal, that is just neat, yeah lol.


    And then I think that PC is guy who joins to jedi/sith when (s)he is young and then he becomes the coolest megadude ever, and he is Yoda species, that is called to whills atleast by Supershadow (you know the guy who is GL's BEST FRIEND!!!) and it is so funny that I am going to **** to my pants!


    Then we should fight against these True Sith that are 100,000 old

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