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  1. Dear Team, I'm fighting in story mode with my nemesis, when I see that no cards are left, so I'll definitely fail the combat check anyway. So I roll, but once the result is shown, I can't do anything else. (I guess, because the game would instruct me to discard cards, though that's not possible.) Could you please check, what is the problem, and what is the workaround? Bytheway, I've got a screenshot, just not sure how to add it here in the forum. Thanks and Regards, Csaba csaba.v.balogh@gmail.com
  2. I experience the same (samsung galaxy core prime) with three characters, and there's no way to change the character after that. Though when I click on the role button, I hear the sound, so I think just the action is missing. The program reconised the trigger.
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