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  1. Grabbing a card even with the intention of discarding it afterwards because you didn't even want it in the first place interferes with cards that react with the graveyard, mostly spells like cure and healing cards. It has the possibility of putting the unwanted cards back into the deck and re-drawing them again as dead draws. While I do wish that we could pass on boon checks it doesn't make as big an issue for most scenarios/parties even on legendary difficulty.
  2. I think that challenges aren't worth very much, especially not for long time players (or newer players who have taken advantage of the ambassador program). The gold is more valuable (to a small extent) right now while quest mode is gone, but it isn't huge thing. So I was thinking that perhaps a new currency earned only from the challenges could be added and a new shop(tab) be added that lets you spend this card to unlock promo cards that you have missed or want extra copies of. Anyone have any other ideas of how challenges could be worth a bit more?
  3. Been playing through scenario 5-4 and having some extra trouble at the veils because it has been causing anyone their to recharge a card after any successful Check even out of turn. iPhone SE iOS 10.2
  4. After scouring the paizo FAQ and forums for references to the staff of hungry shadows I am quite confident that it should work with seoni's arcane blast. Particularly after reading this thread http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2r7ze?Staff-of-Hungry-Shadows-is-seriously-OP.
  5. Is there a way to manually force data to sync between devices? I mainly play on one device, but a couple days ago I played on a second device and now the first one won't sync the new progress. First devices ipod 6 iOS 10.2 Second device iPhone SE iOS 10.2
  6. I always spread out as much as possible, more so with later scenarios and legendary, one glaring exception is with the harpy monks in 4-3 I generally think starting everyone at the same location first then spreading out slowly is the most reliable way to conserve movement against those jerks.
  7. Link is still not recharging some animals when used for combat abilities so far I have seen it happen with the rogue ape and the weasel.
  8. Awesome to see such a dedicated response! I am missing the same content, but I am perfectly content waiting till the support team comes back in January.
  9. I am using painted Sajan in a party and I have tried to use his added craft skill to close the apothecary, but for craft it only gave me a d4 instead of a d6+2.
  10. Just a note snake, this already has at least one other topic (which is on the first page) and is in the list of known issues. Please try to consolidate these types of things to make it easier on the devastating and moderators.
  11. I am seeing this kind of issue with most of my 6 member quest team. I use Valeros, Seoni, Lini, Harsk, Merisiel, and Sajan. Everyone except Sajan gets the extra cards. Played with Sajan alone numerous times to level a couple times and consistently no card feats. I am on an iPhone SE iOS 10.2
  12. I didn't receive it either, but when I clicked redeem a treasure chest appeared in the shop.
  13. I just bought the Rolling All the Way pack and received 10 chests, it says that it gives 15 chests. PFID-8C0A32A655AB90D5 iPhone SE iOS 10.2
  14. Is am playing on an iPhone SE, an iPad 2nd Generation, and a 6th Heneration iPod. All with iOS 10.2. Pass and play off. Permanent death off Sajan, Seoni, Ezren, Kyra, Lini, Amiri Can't pick more than one character's role, then when clicking on the next character the game freezes. Tried on all three devices, tried closing app, tried resetting the devices, tried repeatedly. I tried different rotations through the characters when awarding the loot items from 3-5 and different first/second combinations for choosing roles and none of them work past the first. I tried deleting and reloading the app and syncing my party to my phone again. I tried using another party (Merisiel, Lini) to get roles on one character (Merisiel) and that worked, but the my main party still can't progress. This happened just after updating to the new version.
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