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  1. Is this build still ok? I read this, and they say the damage is too low: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101698-patch-11-and-brand-enemydragon-thrashed/ Thanks in advance and sorry for my English...
  2. Hahahaha! I like to be the good guy, but in POTD I can just be only Diplomatic / Honest. My 2 bleak walkers perform as dps snipers, so I don't care about their defenses very much. I was worried about my MC defenses, the shieldbearer. He will be my tank. I will proceed then. Thank you very much for the info!
  3. My main will be a Shieldbearer (Diplomatic / Honest) and I like playing like a good character. I want to keep the paladin defense bonus for good behavior but I want to hire 2 Bleak walkers (Aggresive / Cruel) in the tabern for my party. Is it a problem? Defense bonus will be lost because of them not liking my choices? Will they finally leave the party? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
  4. Thanks! Found this: Giftbearer's Cloak - Cloak - History. Stalker's Patience - Spear - Stealth. Cadhu Scalth - Large Shield - Athletics/Metaphysics. Chromoprismatic Staff - Quarterstaff - Metaphysics. Spearcaster - Arbalest - Arcana Casita Samelia's Legacy - Breastplate - Intimidate Saint Omaku's Mercy - Warbow - Religion Mohora Tanga - Spear - Survival Shining Bulwark - Large Shield - Diplomacy Sharpshooter's Garb - Padded Armor - Stealth. ​
  5. if you leave scavenger page opened for a long time, it sometime reject codes until you refresh the page. try it next time. it's helped me. Worked! 46 now. Thanks!
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