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  1. 1. How have we been at communicating with you guys? Relativily new to the forum, therefore no comment useful 2. What did you like about us? Making a good 'oldfashloned' RPG 3. What kind of things would you like to see us improve on? No further bugs 4. What would you like to hear from us in the future? How you will forther develop PoE. WM was such a great expansion! 5. Additional thoughts? Magic such as fireballs are very much too weak, esp. an top level. Level ending with 16 cuts off all further development. Large battles such as the battle of Yenwood Field, which was great and such a pity it cannot repeated ... The fight with the kraken was very much to simple and easy. Horrible!
  2. After closing some quests e.g. in Elmshore and retourning to Caed Nua, there is again the Marshall inside a crowd of citizens ready for the battle of Yenwood Field against Gatbin - but he is already dead. All the options are there (who will join us etc.), even ready to battle now (It cannot repeated).
  3. When slamming the crystal (after killing the kraken) there is a dead end, if Maneha is in the group. The dialogs with her incl. options in the text HAVE BEEN simply FORGOTTEN!. Without her the quest can be fulfilled as usual.
  4. After killing the kraken when Maneha says, she wants to destroy the crystal and the menue appears, after ther first 'Continue'-button the next comes. And the game stops, after her voice was heared. Nothing can be done further. A dead end! Any advice available?
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