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  1. Had the same issue with my Inquisitor (Kaylons The Redeemer) . Once I used Soul Anihilation with WotEP equipped, my character spammed the ability 5-10 times.
  2. Oh, Planescape: Torment has a lot of those. One of my favorites: You notice a ghoul with a severed finger with a magic ring on it, the finger is strapped around ghouls neck. Now if you want to get the ring you have to allow ghoul to bite some of your flesh off (you are immortal regenerating being btw, so no biggie you lose few hp). The ghoul gives you the finger and leaves. Great you have the ring... nope it's cursed and wont slide off the finger. Sooooo.... you can bite off your own finger and attach the other one. It works somehow and you are equiped with cursed ring of protection +1, which is not bad for the beggining of the game. Great game, personal advice if you are willing to play it: play as a mage with high int+wis, otherwise you will miss like half of the content.
  3. I have an idea for simple enchanting mechanic: enchantment transfer. Pick one enchantment from an item, pay gold and transfer it to other item of your choosing, destroying former item in the proces. Of course you would place some restrictions on this system, like one transfer per item to prevent crafting op weapons. With that system all unique items could be used, either to be wielded by a character or used as a source of an enchantment.
  4. I wonder how adra dragon choices will impact Eothas infused statue in PoE 2. In theory leaving the dragon to do its own business should weaken Eothas the most, then soul transfer and the least harful choice would be killing the dragon (so its soul would retreat to the statue). So many possibilities, so much hype . Dobranoc.
  5. I haven't watched the QA yet, thanks for a reply. So we have a case of literal deus ex machina.
  6. So in the trailer we see emerging statue from endless paths of Od Nua. That statue has both arms intact, while fampyr from 8th level of endless paths states that arm he resides on was severed from rest of the statue by adra beetles. I'm still hyped for the game, I just like nitpicking.
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