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  1. Just wanted to give some direct kudos to Justin Bell. I hadn't backed the game yet since money's a little tight right now and the game is well past funded. However, with the $2.8M goal providing you an orchestra to work with...I just signed up for Fig and backed it. I listen to the PoE soundtrack constantly. Can't wait to hear what you do for PoEII!
  2. Yeah, I noticed the same thing when I first started playing the game and was experimenting with the UI options. Surprised this wasn't caught.
  3. Yep, this is totally what happened to me. I'm not super experienced with D&D style games where this is common, and I seem to have gotten myself into a situation where both the Crucible Knights and The Dozens don't want my help anymore (still not done with Defiance Bay content yet though). I think I got trapped by completing some quests that were "right there" instead of thinking through consequences. And I definitely felt like I wasn't quite aware of how at odds the groups were from the dialogs with them. I knew they disapproved of each other's behavior, but not to the point where I had to
  4. I fell in love with PoE's soundtrack when I started playing. I'm so glad I found this thread discussing the tracks I didn't have in my music collection yet. I dug into my game files and recreated the WM soundtrack. Some don't match the Soundcloud versions exactly, but they're close enough. Justin, I've got a few questions for you. 1. Is there a high-quality version of Track #4 (The White March Part II Trailer) somewhere? It's not in the game files. 2. There are tracks in the game files that do not appear on any of the listed soundtracks. Do you have official (or unofficial) names f
  5. Serious bummer that they'd lock out such easy fixes. Hell, just put the localization docs on Github and have someone manage pull requests. Anyway, reporting this in case they change their minds someday. items.stringtable.1597: The book Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 2: Senior Ranks refers to both "Grand Crucilar" and "Lord Crucilar" in the last section. It looks as though "Lord Crucilar" is correct, making the section heading wrong. Screenshot
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