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  1. iPad mini 2 Version 9.3.2 PFID: EAC3957C3FF7C36F Gameplay Is pass & play on? No Is permadeath on? No Story Mode Characters in Party Rogue, wizard, cleric, barbarian Burnt offerings: Attack on Sandpoint - Normal Rogue @ Swallowtail Festival Wizard @ The Old Light Cleric @ Sandpoint Cathedral Barbarian @ City Gate Turn Order Bard, cleric, rogue, wiz After encountering a Goblin Raider with barb, defeating it with a glare then closing the location by defeating a bandit henchman (discarded a wooden shield) I used the ability to move to a new location before ending
  2. I had not seen an update but gave the game a try today and my account connected successfully.
  3. Per your advice I cleared the cache from Pathfinder, then Google Play and Google services. I still get the same results during loading. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck either.
  4. I am unable to get my Google account to connect as well. I followed the steps of clearing cache, even uninstalled and cleared cache but the issue persists. When the game starts it asks which Google account to use, I select my account then the welcome popup from Google Play says "welcome manicmonky" and starts to ahow my exp bar fill up. But this only remains on the screen for a split second then the game loading screen appears, which seemes to be interrupting the loading of my account. Samsung Galaxy 6 (latest version)
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