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  1. So I played when the game was released, had short breakes, last time I played when they released Turn Based mode. For some reason I liked multiclasses and also hated them. That was meh especially on my Barbarian, upgrades were so spread out, I had to lvl up a lot, and some of them were unreachable for MC. I liked MC on Wizard (I like an idea of Battlemage) and on Druid, but was always curious if they'd be good SC too, as there are more powerful spells, and my favorite spells would be reachable sooner. I came back because I saw a lot of interesting mods showed up when I was away. Mostly Ve
  2. I know that fixing bugs is probably more important than tuning PotD, but I'd like to know at least, if they're going to tune it in the nearest future or not. I still haven't bought Season Pass yet and I think I won't until PotD becomes challenging Even -15% discount won't change my mind atm
  3. @Shadenuat, you are right. Too high XP gain is a real problem. And it'll be probably even worse after a big DLC, because there will be more quests and more XP for completing them. Next thing that makes the game too easy is too high accuracy gain per lvl (+3/lvl). Baldur The Difficulty-Fixin' Pig-Buddy mod fixes it, by adding a flat +10 accuracy bonus (so early game is playable without maxing Perception) and applying -2 accuracy per lvl (so we gain +1 accuracy per lvl instead of +3/lvl) - this fixes 90%+ accuracy at 20 lvl. But like I said before - mods shouldn't be a solution, vanilla game
  4. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or sth, because someone finds x difficulty too hard, but... I don't understand people who complain about PotD to be too hard or Dark Souls isometric style, lol. There are still lower difficulties, just for people like you. But vets or people who look for a real challenge want hard difficulty to be... hard and challenging, not just normal. And I'm not even a cRPG vet. PoEI was my first cRPG game and while midgame on veteran difficulty I decided to start a new game on PotD because it was too easy for me on the lower difficulty. Now, PoEII PotD 1.1 sti
  5. You don't have a tank (companions never will be a good tanks) I started with off-tank MC Paladin (with illusion spells, so I have +50 Deflection)/Priest equipped with Quaterstaff and with its Defensive Strike (+20 Deflection) weapon ability. Both helped a lot when I needed more defense. Then I hired a custom adventurer and made him a pure tank Fighter/Chanter (with bonuses to armor rating when using a shield and summoning 6 skeletons). They tank very well. Then needed more dmg so I made offensive healing druid/ranger, then Aloth joined (Battlemage, defensive spells and summoning weapons) and
  6. Maybe devs should get inspired by Deadly Deadfire mod and make some changes similar to these from mod. Not changing the vanilla game, because there are some mods that do that is not a solution, because I know people (including my friends) that hate mods and they say that games should be played without them. Here is mod's description:
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