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  1. I proved the gloves in the 3.02 and the permament buff dissapear with save and load game, but it still a gamebreaker bug, i thought i was the same bug that the double clicking in the shield and i had to restart my charachter, what a relief. I thought it was
  2. Yeah, i love that cape, in my case the bug appaer 2 of each 10 times the invisibility activate, the rest work very good, when the invisibility become permament, i save and load the game, but it still a gamebreaking bug.
  3. The permament attack speed bonus from the mourning gloves is gong to dissapear?? ir i have to restart my game??
  4. hello, I have some questions: first: what is the bugs with the mourning gloves that the parch will fix??? my druid used this and the attack speed stack, this is a bug??? the permament buff is a 10% attack speed right?? with the parch the buff in my druid is going to disappear or i have to restart wiyh another characther. and finally: the patch is going to fix the celebrant,s gloves bug????
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