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  1. Hi! I've played Pathfinder Adventures for hours on end on my wife's iPad. Well, this tablet is growing old, and can hardly run the game anymore. So I was hoping to continue playing on my android phone. Is there a way to transfer my profile from my wife's apple store into my google play account? I realize this issue has been raised before, but I really hope it's possible now, a few years later.
  2. Does anyone know if something equivalent can be done on an iPad? I can't seem to find my way into the files.
  3. I thought the Dev Team specifically said this was not going in to this patch? Well, it is definitely fixed for me. Just leveled up all my characters past 29, and they properly gain a card feat.
  4. My Seoni just grew to level 20 in quest mode, albeit having died in the scenario. All my living characters gained the card feat as they were supposed to, but Soeoni didn't. I played through another quest with her, but sht still hasn't gotten this card feat. Is the card feat lost to her forever? I thought this issue was fixed in the last patch?
  5. I'm having this exact problem now too. Can't even forfeit the quest and start a new one. It's completely game breaking
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