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  1. So I do appear to have Edér - there's an odd situation where (based on this post) the cards will show up in your Unclaimed but not your Collection. Just because. I'm still missing the Edge of X dice sets after linking yesterday, however, and I don't have any of the "All Alts DLC" legendary dice, even though according to Steam I have the All Alts DLC (does Ambassador grant us that, or a partial?).
  2. I'm similarly in an odd state. I don't have any of the Edge of X dice sets, and although I have Pallegina and the Goblin Golem of Obsidian, I don't have Edér. This is 7 hours after linking accounts. PFID 1E5C3C4037042C16
  3. Agreed. I'd really rather have extras of the really rare cards than the pittance of gold we'll be getting. If they've already been salvaged but th caps get raised, what happens? I don't honestly know how many of the various cards I had before.
  4. Unfortunately, it's been noticed for a little while in this forum that the completion stats for Burnt Offerings is screwy. A number of the missions listed in the completion list don't match names. We don't know when it'll be fixed. Send an e-mail to support@obsidian.net with the card issue - they should be able to help you out, although it looks like they're pretty buried with requests at the moment, so it may take a couple of days. Not much else I can suggest, unfortunately.
  5. This behaviour seems to happen anytime a different check happens (resetting the dice for the first check). I've just never had the misfortune of trying to do one in the midst of a non-refundable payment.
  6. I think there would be fewer pitchforks if you guys actually told us that beforehand. Thanks!
  7. Also: if that had been announced beforehand, I would have salvaged my cards down to something a bit more manageable. Making a major change like this without announcing it first is rather inexcusable.
  8. That's... completely ridiculous. It deliberately penalizes people who have opened lots of chests, because it makes it harder for them to get the good cards they've drawn. So after deciding to leave the F2P approach on Steam, the next decision was to make that platform even less appealing?
  9. This bug looks to still be there, although in a lesser form. The first hero gets a forced move out of Stone Head locations, but subsequent heroes don't (although they at least get their turns).
  10. In no particular order.... I was able to get my Sajan back by (possibly?) doing some stupid stunts with an iOS restore on another device. Changes I made there were lost, but my Sajan showed up again when editing the party. It wouldn't surprise me if he's still corrupted, though, so I can't guarantee that if I leave him out of a party he won't disappear again.
  11. And now I've lost one of the characters I've been spending months building up. Seriously?
  12. I was creating a couple of characters as mules, and then the deck management screen got into a weird state where the characters had double-sided arrows next to them. I force closed my game on iOS, but then one of my mule characters (Mule 1) appears to have been deleted on the server side, while the other character (Mule 2) is still present. Is it expected that characters will be randomly deleted (which would be really bad)? Is there any chance I can get cards on that character restored, if the character itself cannot be? The cards are no longer in my stash, and not surprisingly no longer in my
  13. Maybe it's been a while since it's been removed, but I seem to recall that there was a way to sell off treasure cards in your collection that you had too many of (because it could mess up the ratio of desirable cards). I don't see that option any longer in 1.2.6?
  14. I figured, what the hell, I'll try out the tutorial for the nominal rewards. But then I got to a point where it's not possible to proceed. On Tutorial 4, I have Kyra closing a location, with an appropriate pop up message about it. But then I can't end her turn after that.
  15. I was doing the Brigandoom! scenario on Heroic when I hit a situation where the UX did something unexpected (which is usually considered the wrong thing). I had four turns left, and Lini found Jubrayl Vhiski at the Academy (8 cards left). It went straight to combat without asking me to temporarily close locations, which confused me, since I thought I still had a location or two open other than the Academy. So the first thing I did was to click on the map button to check out the other locations. Since the map doesn't usually show every location on the screen, I tried to pan... which swiped
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