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  1. Samsung phone running Android 4.4.2 VER-611-20160906 PFID-E1546B8A18710466 Issue: finished Story Mode 2.5 (Angel in the Tower) on Legendary with Sajan solo. After the animation for the 100 gold for winning plays, the game gets stuck and doesn't do anything. I think it should be displaying the card rewards for finishing that adventure (Impaler of Thorns and whatnot), but instead, nothing is happening and I can't progress. The "gears" button in the lower left still functions, and I can use it to back out to the Main Menu, but neither selecting Continue from the main menu or selecting S
  2. I've been getting a notification from my phone every day when the Daily Challenge ticks over. I've turned notifications off several times in app settings, but it keeps turning itself back on. Is there a way to fix this so that it doesn't notify me every day? Android phone if it matters.
  3. I can understand wanting to minimize the number of clicks it takes to get someone to spend real money, but it seems bad to significantly increase the number of clicks it takes to spend fake money in the same update.
  4. I found this module to be exceptionally challenging on Legendary, especially when I kept finding Skinsaw Rituals that would summon a cultist for each party member Eventually I went modified my party to just a single character equipped with two Staff of Minor Healing and was able to push through all the automatic damage. Going at it with a larger party was just not working for me.
  5. I replayed an adventure on the middle difficulty last night, and was surprised to not receive any gold from it despite having been informed by the game ahead of time that it would be worth 150 gold. Relatedly: I think it's weird that the middle difficulty actually pays out more gold than the hardest difficulty for low party sizes.
  6. Playing the poison pill mission on Legendary difficulty. Defeated a Hell Hound in combat, and the scenario modifier Retaliation (roll 1d6, on a 1 take 1 fire damage) kicked in, rolling (I think) a 5. The game informed me that I then needed to take 5 damage. Not clear if this was due to Retaliation or to the Hellhound's ability (which says it deals 1 fire damage after action) or the combination, but either way it seems wrong. The other active scenario modifier was Darkest Night, if that matters.
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