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  1. It could be a glitch, but probably not hardware specific since I get the same behavior on both iPad(4) and Android (Galaxy Tab S2) tablets. I am specifically talking about the dialog that happens when you encounter a villain (and some henchmen) in a scenario right before you fight them. I only get that dialog the first time I have those battles.
  2. I'm not sure if its a bug or a "feature", but I've noticed that you only get villain and henchmen dialogs the first time you run through a mission (encountering them in game, not the dialog at the end of the scenario). I was hoping it was a bug and would be corrected with 1.03, but it is unchanged, so its probably intentional. Since the dialog between characters and villains is different for each character, a lot of the writing that went into those will never be seen with the way it is now. I have not tried it yet, but theoretically, I should be able to start a new game and have them show up again, but it would be nice to have a checkbox in settings that would have us either show the dialog every time we encounter a villain or have it is the way it is now.
  3. It seems to me, that an additional mode or save slot could be added to accommodate an instance of box simulation. Right now, there exists Story and quest Mode. Simply add a new Story: P&P Simulation mode. This new mode would keep track on one instance of the box and all characters and what was equipped to them. Each card would keep track of it was in the box, attached to a character, or banished. Before each mission, you would go to the tavern and select the characters to participate in each mission, and exchange items before venturing forth. Any character not participating in a mission would just wait at the tavern and could be selected for future missions later. There would be no multiple versions of each character in the box, just their current status and inventory. The limitation would be that you could only simulate one box/world at a time, but as long as you allow for a reset the box option, I think it could be a reasonable compromise. Maybe this would be harder to implement than it sounds to me?
  4. Masterwork tools: Reveal this card to add 2 dice to your disable check Recharge this card to defeat a barrier you encounter whose highest difficulty to defeat is 14 or lower. Explosive runes is a barrier, and its highest difficulty is 10. I'm also pretty sure this worked fine before today's patch (1.03?) Now it is not giving me the option to recharge to defeat Explosive barrier. Edit: /* It occurred to me that there may have been scenario modifiers that pushed the difficulty beyond 14, but I forgot to check, so this may be a non-issue afterall. Encountered Explosive runes again, and it let me use Masterwork tools, so it was either scenario difficulty or a non-reproducible glitch. */
  5. Same or similar problem here too, but for me it was after a successful quest. How would I go about deleting the save file for the quest on the iPad version?
  6. Thanks, The filigree does help on it, but even without that I can tell they are different colors (and my level of color impariedness tends to be higher than most).
  7. So would you guys (and gals) say that telling the difference between rare and epic is difficult? YUP! Maybe make the borders thicker? Bronze vs. Gold may be an issue for people who are color impaired too. Maybe adopt the borderlands rarity system? OR just have the cards be sortable by rarity inside the categories, not just default alphabetical. Can someone post a pic of what Epic looks like? Yes, being such a person, I would appreciate a side by side of a bronze and a gold card to see if I can tell the difference.
  8. Thanks, that makes more sense now. Most of the times I've wanted it and it was unavailable was cases where I had a magic armor I wanted to recharge, but I spent no cards that turn.
  9. So, I am familiar with the idea of resetting your hand, but it seems that I don't always get the option to do so. Is this something that I'm supposed to have the option of every turn, or are there certain requirements in place in order to be eligible to reset my hand (I think we played it that you could do it every turn in the board game, but we could have been doing it wrong). If I should be able to do it every turn, is there a trick to doing it, and if there are requirements, what are they? Thanks.
  10. I originally planned to go with the pure grind for gold route, but I really wanted Seelah, and at my current rate, that was gonna take another several days at best, so I broke down and bought the 9.99 gold pack. I did get adventure pack 1 before spending any real money, and had planned to save up for char pack then adventure pack 2, then more characters, but I figured, 9.99 will give me a better gaming experience while I earn gold for the rest of the content. If I look at it as 3.33 over 3 days it does not seem quite as steep of a price. I have both an iPad 4 and a newer Android tablet, and I plan to try pure free mode on the android, but on that one I plan to get Ezren (and maybe Lem since I keep struggling with both Int and Charisma checks), then adventure pack 2, then save up for the character pack. Having even just a little more character variety has been noticeable and worth it to me to go for that.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. Looks like I will need 1150 (10,000 for character add on pack/bundle and another 1500 for Ezren) in gold for what I want then, probably gonna buy some coin, and get the rest in game.
  12. When I played the board game for a while, out group consisted of Merisol, Kyra, Seelah and Ezren, so that's the group I want to re-create for starting out with the digital version. Before I make any purchases, I want to make sure I understand the character packs bundle thing, and I'm also curious (for those that know) how the character packs correspond to the cardboard base game and expansions. The 10,000 gold pack only includes Amiri, Lini, Sajan and Seelah. Is this correct, or does it include ALL the characters available? I 've also heard people talking about Deck C which comes with this bundle. I don't see Deck C listed as purchasable separately. Does it only become purchasable if you buy one of the characters in the add on pack, or is the only way to get Deck to buy the add on bundle (I would prefer to get one or two characters at a time, but I don't want to be hosing myself by having to purchase the same thing twice if that's the only way to get Deck C) This may be a bit of a tangent, but in researching the cardboard version, I found that there is the character add on pack, and there is also a separate class pack for each of the character classes included in it. Can anyone shed some light on that and what the digital equivalent is there? Thanks.
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