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  1. Hey oh Question about adding basic cards at the end of a scenario. So say 1 of my characters had to banish one of their allies (lets say a Sage for Ezren), and another character picked up an extra ally (but its one I dont want for Ezren like a Guide) Do I have to include that Guide in Ezren's deck at the end of the scenario, or is there a way to pick a different basic ally (like another Sage) to put into its place and ignore the Guide altogether
  2. I like the gold system and the extra cards. I like having something to work for beyond just my parties card's and the rush of opening packs is great. I wouldn't be a fan if it wasn't all extra cards, but the fact that all the core cards are already unlocked and these extra ones are just gravy on top? Love it.
  3. Im kinda confused on how this all works as well. I have completed the story mode with 2 different parties, and as such have a couple boons that should only have 1 copy in the vault, but when I create a new party and put 2 chars together that share these cards, it allows it and suddenly there are 2 impaler of thorns etc.
  4. I was also logged into game center and recieved no gold for brigadoom. I did get gold for the poison pill though
  5. Another newbie question How does it work if you defeat a villain at one location, it moves to another,,,and then you run into the henchman at that location first and close it? I had this happen in one game and the villain card turned face down. When I play the game in real life, we have been playing after you close the location, if the villain is in the discarded cards you immediately encounter him. Have I been playing it wrong in real life?
  6. I had the same problem, but signing into game center solved it for me.
  7. Im having the same problem, Im on blackfangs dungeon and have been rolling with 4 chars up to this point (Cleric, Monk, Warrior and Rogue). On blackfangs dungeon, it loads up the 6 player variant (i.e 8 locations instead of 6) and duplicates my monk and cleric (i.e when Im assigning chars, i have 2 clerics and monks to assign) . It has also duplicated all of my characters 4 times, same scenario (16 characters total on the board) but after i restarted the game, we are down to ^^^^.
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