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  1. My devotion to this game is great. "How great," you ask? I actually bought a tablet to test PA, but found it to be lacking, so I returned it and bought my K1.
  2. Party was down to the last blessing on the timer and we encountered the villain. Merisiel had to temp close her location, which didn't scare me because it was a Dex / Acro 6 check and she had +4 and a Luckstone in her hand. Rolled the die, wouldn'cha know, it came up 1. I was taken back to the temp close screen without being given the chance to use my Luckstone. Defeated the villain anyway, but still lost.
  3. Sure, if they'll be replaced with Legendary cards next patch!
  4. I bought 20 chests last night and opened 10 of them. My party is on AD1, but hasn't played the last scenario yet, if that matters. In each chest, there were a small assortment of cards, of which I got multiple copies, but in EVERY SINGLE CHEST, the bottom left card was a Merchant. Do they smell my gold pouch or something?
  5. Ezren acquired an Arcane Armor card at the Apothecary location, and was not prompted to explore again. Other spells and items with the Magic trait worked fine.
  6. I don't have my serial number, as I returned that tablet, but I DID see stability and performance increases from Beta 1 to Beta 2. Beta 1 was unplayable for me - I crashed before completing a single encounter before, whereas I was able to complete Brigandoom! and Poison Pill without a hiccup last night. System specs below
  7. Wow, guys! Great patch! Not only did you address all of those issues you mention, but now my 1GB Android tablet runs it without a hitch! Bravo!
  8. Nathan, at least wait to fire Stormbringer until after release. Beyond that....
  9. More info from me... Tried to Continue today and couldn't even get one encounter in before a crash. Purchased Ezren and Seelah from the Store, then tried to start a new game. Crashed after selecting Brigandoom! and the blue arrow. Uninstalled and redownloaded from App Store, logged in, purchases lost. Went back through the tutorial, which took two tries due to a crash after panning shot of map and before seeing the location screen. After the tutorial, I purchased Ezren and Seelah again. Tried to start a Brigandoom! game, crashed again. Uninstalled and reinstalled.
  10. I seem to be crashing more than most. System specs are below, but I can't find any rhyme or reason to help you, sorry. I most recently got stuck playing Brigandoom! on Merisiel's turn. She had just closed a location on her previous turn and needed to move to another location. 1. I moved, crash. 2. I logged back in, needed to move again, loaded the new location, but couldn't "grab" the top card of the location deck. I tried going to the store and back, but it didn't work. Had to Force Quit. 3. Logged back in, moved AGAIN. Explored, found a Crow, crash. 4. Logged back in, explored again, found a Crow, rolled a check, succeeded, crash. 5. Went to bed. Game Settings: all defaults (i.e. no permadeath) System: Dragon Touch X10 Android 5.1 Lollipop CPU: 1.8 GHz Cortex A7 GPU: PowerVR SGX544 RAM: 1GB
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