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  1. Please, devs, the charms were bad enough, but this just really makes the game a pure pay to win experience. I happily purchased the game on both iOS and Steam but am seriously considering refunding my recent Steam purchase if this is any indication of the game's current cheesy state.
  2. So we can pay for a premium game and still get freemium cheater crap? Wow, that's just great.
  3. Just seconding the many whines here. I really want to support Obsidian for this amazing product and know running a dev studio is not cheap, but $60 for the alt characters makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. Heck, I'm silly enough I'd maybe even stake another $24.99 for the whole set, and that's still an outrageous price for what amounts to such minor tweaks of existing content.
  4. Grr, rebooted, reinstalled (well attempted as I can't reinstall), logged out and back into both GC and Apostore all to no avail. I'm on an iPad Pro, latest iOS 9.3.4 beta, and based in the San Jose, CA area (just a stone's throw from Apple's HQ).
  5. I would think the key elements are changing screens after some stock value is modified via a triggered wildcard (assuming that goblin modifier is a wildcard effect).
  6. While playing in Quest Mode, my current random scenario had the "Goblin traited cards get a +1d4" modifier in effect. At one point I encounter a Goblin in the Warrens location. The game triggers the forementioned modifier rolling a 2, making the required Combat Challenge value 11. The very next instant the Warren's effect triggers which is if a monster is encountered, add a random new monster ontop of another location. Once that effect resolved on the Main Map, I'm whisked back to my current encounter in the Warrens but the Goblin's +2 bonus was lost and I was just shown the Goblin's norma
  7. Hey Guys, As a guy who's just joined the digital beta with only fairly limited exposure to the physical game, there is a single game mechanic I can't find any information on in-game or even searching the Internet in regards to this aspect in the physical game. What are these so called Wildcard Powers added to a scenario if replaying it at a higher difficulty? I'm assuming they're additional nasty random global modifiers/effects to make the adventurers' lives difficult but I'm curious where I can see these potential effects listed anywhere.
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