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  1. They probably could just reset the filter or whatever is telling the game to not let spells or abilities deal damage to friendlies though. Surely would be rather unbalanced this way but I'd take unbalanced friendly fire over no friendly fire at all (not even on Path of the Damned!) any day of the week.
  2. Dude has a point: Optional friendly fire is a big No-No, but there absolutely has to be an option to hide the helmet.
  3. Agreed. What's the point if you can mindlessly chuck fire storms or disintegrates left and right not having to look out for friendlies, that's incredibly stupid. Pillars' optional helper features do an excellent job communicating if and when friendlies stand in the line of fire so why not just use these in Tyranny as well? At least having the option can't hurt, now can it? Leave it off by default so that the filthy casuals still can have their mindless "fun", problem solved. I could probably live with that if there's plenty of injuries and the chance of getting injured increases wi
  4. What a complete trainwreck WL2s DC was (and still is, even after several patches). Additional voice-over no one asked for and that doesn't even fit with the original VO, an improved for the worst UI to clearly work best on a TV and to look like sh!te on a desktop screen, controller centric UI navigation (most apparent with the abomination that is the new trade/vendor UI), the already mentioned f***ed up camera, replacing the old typewriter font with something that's completely out of place in a post-apocalyptic themed game, and quite a few other, so called quality of life-related changes that
  5. While I definitely don't agree with Mr. Fenstermaker regarding "shorter" games (I'm getting older as well, but that doesn't automatically mean that I have less time on my hands for something as demanding or consuming like The Witcher 3 for instance) this was a very good read nonetheless. I wish other developers would be this forward in acknowledging faults.
  6. Some keen eyes there, mate. But yeah, I think I saw this happening once in a while when playing my 2nd character (a Paladin) too. In Part I of TWM actually, iirc.
  7. Closing and reopening the description does fix it but isn't the ideal solution, obviously.
  8. Yep, caught my eye too. And it really does stand out. I mean, how can you not see it?
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