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  1. Can anyone help me please with this portrait? I want to turn her into a pale elf with pale skin and white/gray hair, but I don't know how to use photoshop (I used photoscape) and all I can do is this (meaning I made my own attempt, but it's looking a bit crappy, especially hairs). And I'll be endlessly grateful for convo versions as well!
  2. I don't know if these are decent, but here some pale elf ladies. I've redacted these from M&M Heroes VI portraits. Don't have convo versions though.
  3. Alright, here are your little Frankenstein monsters: Amazing! Thank you
  4. What were the portraits that you used for their bodies? I think this will look better if I cut and paste the official watercolored heads and just work with the bodies. Ocean folk here's from PoE directory folder, two others are Jason Seow's work
  5. Here I edited some male godlike portraits based on original ones through compilation w/ other portraits and a little bit changed colors (so death godlikes don't look like slaves and fire one is just suitable for me because of breastplate). I used programm PhotoScape but I'm a complete zero with Photoshop. Will be very grateful if someone could watercolor these ones
  6. Why there are so little lorefriendly godlike portraits (death godlikes especially)? Sadly the ones in the game look like homeless/slaves or something, so I've edited a portrait of my new watcher who is Death Godlike Cipher (Aristocrat). Idk why it reminds me of Bloodborne. He'll be wearing pistols
  7. Aloths background [Gentry] should be "Дворянин" not "Аристократ". "Аристократ" is [Aristocrat] of main character but not [Gentry] so please correct this.
  8. Can you do the same but with yellow tattoos on his head/face? Please?
  9. I think that portraits from "Might and Magic Heroes VII" look pretty well for PoE. I tried to redact them so they could be more PoE style like and lore-friendly so here there are (human and pale elf)
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