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  1. I've used the following things: Before the battle: all food, Gaze of the Adragan Trap, Chill Fog. In the battle: Buffs - Prayer against Treachery ( granted by the flail Forgotten Tears of Beloved ), Arcane Veil, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Llengrath's Safeguard, Llengrath's Displaced Image. Nukes - Minoletta's Precisely Piersing Burst, Torrent of Flame, and ( optional ) Ninagauth's Shadowflame. Other spells - Citzal's Spirit Lance, Substantial Phantom ( optional ), and Citzal's Martial Power ( I've refreshed some buffs before ). Figurines - Scarab, Spider, Lamp.
  2. You can try to equip your Priest with a hatchet ( +5 deflection ) and a small shield. It would be better for the simple fact - Priest is a non-stop caster/buffer and a half-tank, its place in the middle of your party ( third/fourth position ). Of course you can play as you wish and use Priest as a melee/range warrior, but in this case your party members are deprived of the most useful buffs.
  3. I can't recruit Kana and others because it's solo playthrough. Anyway I've stopped playing ranger for a while. Too many reloads. A single-target class, that works only with the split-strategy, everything else must be skipped. Maybe my ranger build and battle strategy are wrong. It would be great to watch a video with any ranger vs some Durgan's Battery spirit's pack.
  4. Thanks for the answer. Is the Drawn in Spring the best against Adra Dragon? It's a slashing weapon, the dragon has some slash DR. So maybe any rapier or stiletto would have been better...
  5. Great^^ Is it necessary to min/max the attributes? My second question is, can your paladin handle everything ( all encounters, bounties, packs, etc ) in this game?
  6. Some piercing weapon ( like The Rain of Godagh Field, Tall Grass or summoned Kitzal's Spirit Lance ) will be good against the dragon. Also, corrode spells, spells with any pierce or crush effect, various buffs/debuffs ( Devotions for the Faithful, Dire Blessing, Expose Vulnerabilities, etc. ). Confusion is OK too. Consumable - Scrolls of Paralyses and Valor, Potions of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. The easiest way to win - Scrolls of Paralyses spamming. P.S. Just in case ( spoiler alert ! ) - Adra Dragon has immunity to Burn, Shock, Petrified, Terrified, Prone, Stuck, and DR 21 a
  7. Indeed. Then Galadriel is a cipher ( or chanter, however all elves are "chanters" ), Glorfindel is maybe a paladin.^^
  8. My TCS ranger became a biggest time-eater at level 8-9. Every battle takes a lot of time. Too much... I've spent 2+ hours trying to kill a shade/spectre pack in the Ondra's Gift Lighthouse. At last killed them after 4 or 5 reloads using all available figurines (4) and Ray of Fire scrolls. Nonsense.. I don't want to skip every combat side-quests or bounties and play only for the achievement icon. At the same time I can't handle easiest bounties without long "kiting", "divide", "kill 'em all one by one", etc. It's funny though sometimes. I've tried to pull Sly Cyrdel's outlaws on Gramrfel's
  9. You're welcome ^^ Still playing TCS a ranger... It's hard to describe how epic/funny my playthrough level 4-5 was. My ranger had no any chance with the bandits who stole the Smith's Shipment - near trolls killed them. I knew there are four phantoms in the reception hall of Caed Nua. It will be problem because it means a perma stun. Well, it was the perma stun. I've tried everything but couldn't deceive AI here. At some point ( after 7+ reloads ) it seemed impossible to pass... At last an AoE trap and a couple of shots worked out well. By lucky chance the phantoms stopped to stun my
  10. My spellcasting/range tactic was quite simple - in most cases it was... 1) Aloth ( starting battle in stealth mode ) - Confusion or Ninagauth's Shadowflame 2) Grieving Mother - Amplified Wave 3) Hiravias - Calling the World's Maw or Relentless Storm 4) Durance - Crowns for the Faithful ( if it still looks like a serious battle ) or Devotions for the Faithful 5) Sagani - Binding Roots on the most tough melee enemy or boss 6) main char's chants - Sure-Handed Ila & Aefyllath Everybody is confused, fighting each other or prone/stunned/paralyzed, etc. A few seconds and everybody
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but after my successful Triple Crown playthrough I find that spellcasting & range companions are better than melee in every conceivable way. My party - main char ( chanter-tank ), Aloth, Durance, Hiravias, Grieving Mother and Sagani. When I've hired Eder, Devil of Caroc, Pallegina and Zahua - every time something went wrong. They are just too vulnerable for enemies and too slow with their single-target attacks.
  12. In a nutshell, I played solo wizard as a melee based on the following spells: 1) Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff 2) Citzal's combo ( Lance & Martial Power ) 3) Self buffs - Mirrored Image, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Llengrath's Safeguard 4) Summons - Essential & Substantial Phantoms ( must-have because it's an additional save ) 5) Control and disable - Chill Fog, Bewildering Spectacle, Expose Vulnerabilities, Arduous Delay of Motion, Confusion ( the most useful ), Ninagauth's Shadowflame, Ryngrim's Enervating Terror, Arkemyr's Capricious Hex, Gaze of the Adragan 6) Nukes - some
  13. Thank you all for the comments. I've tried to play a ranger... it's ridiculously, annoyingly hard in comparison with a wizard. Just don't know what to do between level 4 & 5 - my animal companion is dying very quickly, a summoned animat cannot help ( at the same time, it helped me a lot, when I played a wizard solo ), my ranger itself is just a full glass with no damage. Of course, first of all I need to reach Defiance Bay, but It seems impossible to handle Od Nua ghosts outside and especially inside.
  14. Hello there, Triple Crown has been finished today and I think about Triple Crown Solo. Which class is better? I've already finished Solo PotD ( not Iron/Expert, just PotD ) playing a wizard, wouldn't say that it was very difficult, but there is too much difference between the save/load immortality and Trial of Iron, where one-shot can blow my char away. Wizards are such a "glass" at the start of any battle. I probably would have taken a dual wielding paladin.. but really not sure that I can handle some encounters ( for example, some bounties or lagufaeth and spirit packs in The White Ma
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