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  1. Apparently that file was missing from the old GOG installer together with draining.unity3d. I had the same error. No such problem with the new setup_pillars_of_eternity_2.5.0.11 installer. Here's the 2.03 spirit_bane.unity3d for people who don't want to redownload the whole installer: http://rghost.net/8f4kGns74 Copy that file to "Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle" if yours is missing.
  2. That part is already in the game: if you have high enough accuracy, you won't get a miss, no matter how low your roll is. But that's different from the problem you've described in the first post, when you were getting many bad rolls in a row.
  3. Actually, it is the point. Pseudorandom numbers are used out of place in many games causing a lot of frustration for players. Getting drastically different outcome for the same combat strategy just because you get too many "unlucky" rolls in a row would be one example. There are other types of distributions that have more fitting properties than PRNGs do. For example, check the subrandom numbers on the left vs. random numbers on the right: And changing the function used for accuracy rolls is a very simple task for a programmer.
  4. Formation and Sneaking buttons are on the main panel. It would make sense to move AI button there too. Just saying.
  5. It doesn't matter how do you try to scroll. Scrolling with mouse wheel and dragging text with left mouse button didn't work for me either.
  6. It happens to me on 1280x1024 too. The log window size resets between game restarts, but not between savegame loads. Also if I make the window too big or too small, it'll scale some even between loads. 2.02 GOG.
  7. Actually, I've figured out how to reproduce this glitch. It happens if you replace Sagani (ranger with a pet) with someone who has low endurance, in this case Pallegina. If a character has more endurance, it starts to regenerate when you get them into the party, which might be another glitch, but it hides this bug. Simply dismissing Sagani from a group also triggers the glitch for anyone who takes her place. There should be more ways to trigger it, because I remember seeing it earlier with Durance, before I had to dismiss anyone. While playing with this, I've also noticed that d
  8. Here's a log: http://rghost.net/7KY6rrq7D Is there any way to increase the verbosity of that log? And maybe add timestamps? Because I doubt that it helps much in its current state.
  9. Well, if it doesn't happen on the dev build, you would still need to check on the Live, to make sure, that you can actually reproduce it. Otherwise the bug might be still there in the dev build, hiding from you. Aarik, could you please comment on these too? Actually, I think it is there for style: to make lines of text "fade out", instead of being cut off. Normally it shouldn't obscure the bottom line, unless you scroll up.
  10. Notice that the dates in the stronghold log are ahead of the current time. Also, I wouldn't know if that redundant "Nothing new" spam is supposed to be daily, but I've noticed that it isn't. Save: http://rghost.net/8SG5r68T7
  11. I saw this happen to Durance too. It returned to normal later, after talking to NPC or something like that. Can't be reproduced by loading save game.
  12. It would be nice to be able to scroll dialogs and books with Page Up, Page Down and arrow keys.
  13. I'm sorry about that, I just wanted to confirm the issues Nicholas has reported, because I've encountered them too. And bugs like #1 are easily dismissed by devs, because they are hard to reproduce. Besides, new users on this forum are limited to 5 posts a day, so creating 10 threads at once would be impossible. Could you reproduce them with the latest public build? 2.02.0749 is where I've encountered #1 with Sagani. But restarting the game fixed it, so I doubt that this bug can be reproduced by simply loading a savegame. Here are 2 examples of what it looks like: Scrolli
  14. This is still an issue. According to another thread it's been on bug tracker since July at least. I can upload a save for reproducing it, if you don't have one already.
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