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2.03 GOG File not found (for patching): spirit_bane.unity3d



Game version was 2.02.0749 PX1

Downloaded GOG updates:


4a1f627a0b9208867616f9beea97444e *patch_pillars_of_eternity_2.6.0.12.exe
69f30eb0f328f24d11adc390ab9571a8 *patch_pillars_of_eternity_the_white_march_part_1_2.2.0.12.exe

Update patch_pillars_of_eternity_2.6.0.12.exe writes in patch_log.txt

Pillars of Eternity patch log
File not found (for patching): d:\games\pillars\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle\spirit_bane.unity3d

Update patch_pillars_of_eternity_the_white_march_part_1_2.2.0.12.exe throws no error.


Updated to 2.03.0788 PX1, game runs without visible glitches.

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Apparently that file was missing from the old GOG installer together with draining.unity3d. I had the same error. No such problem with the new setup_pillars_of_eternity_2.5.0.11 installer.


Here's the 2.03 spirit_bane.unity3d for people who don't want to redownload the whole installer: http://rghost.net/8f4kGns74

Copy that file to "Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle" if yours is missing.

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