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  1. Darth Blivion if you look at my previous post you will see about Darth Vader, Maul and Tyranus being called Dark Lord
  2. Dark Lord and Sith Lord are diffrent ranks Lord is a Prestige Rank along with Maruder and Assassin where as Dark Lord is the all supreme ruler over the Sith
  3. Its the Rule of Two There Can only be one Dark Lord The Ruleing Dark Lord and his Apprentice, Who also takes the Title Dark Lord so in the Films Darth Sidious has the title Dark lord and his apprentices Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus and Darth Vader all take the Title Dark Lord with him
  4. I found a Ignot on Darth Sion after the very hard and difficult fight, and it was very helpful when in the end fight i think it was the Ingoe Ignot
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