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  1. just got down to lvl 15 and found the adra dragon.reading some other topics and found out this was kinda hodge podged together and wasnt part of the original story. all fine. i would add (unless i missed something) you should be able to persuade the adra dragon to fight with you in the Battle of Yenwood. if i missed something feel free to leave me a cryptic message to that affect... loving the game... cant wait for poe2
  2. G.O.G. patch size 7MB.... reason 9million to not like steam... Again,... thanks for the continued support of a great game.... so looking forward to a sequel...
  3. where do i get backer dvd updates after 2.03????
  4. hello... i bought a copy of a backer dvd in flagstaff,AZ. i was just wondering where/if i can still do updates. i have this link and i am updated to 2.03. http://eternity.obsidian.net/downloads/patches but as the patches on that page only go to the 2.03 and your now on 3.02, i am losing out (i think) on all the updates since 2.03. not a biggie if i have to re-purchase the game thru gog or steam... just i will have thrown away $20 on that backer dvd.... this game is totally awesome and i cant thank you enough for making it happen as this is my style of gaming... thanks
  5. they have no bearing on the awesomeness of this game... i dont read any of them.... as it was said here already.. "they have no effect on the game, and are easily ignored" on a side note ... i thought it was a cool way to say thanks to those that were a part of the kickstart .....
  6. loading times do seem shorter and save screen and quick save are a lot faster... love the control over party members... individual scout mode is very cool.... UI is clearer... i havent played more than 3-4 hours of game time so i cant really say about any bugs and i didnt start a serious game till after 2.01 patch. The patch was already being discussed when i purchased poe... so i just did some messing around till the patch was released.... thanks to all involved in this undertaking of a great old school feel game....
  7. got it... installed it.... love it.... thanks for everything... yes it doesnt move the overall progress bar till around 60-70%... but you can still see text that says what its unpacking/updating... just let it run....
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