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  1. So I've managed to beat the game - siding with the Huana because skyrim is for the nords - all the while awaiting a response from them that they have recalibrated their machines. I'm about to start a new game, but I'm quite curious what exactly passes time for this quest. I've progressed several other quests, such as companion quests, but this one simply refused to progress to the second point. I even did the other quests they had available in hopes that those quests advanced this one but it seems not. I was hoping to do a Vailian themed playthrough and side with either them, or the Princi
  2. Well I've managed to beat the game and get the solo achievement and the like, and have since started a new game. This problem has persisted through save games (I thought it was just a save game corruption). I've tried verifying files but that doesn't seem to have helped. All my drivers are up-to-date (as of today I made sure of it). It's really weird. It only happens with traps.
  3. This seems to get progressively worse until it takes about a minute to disarm traps. The game stutters more and more when disarming traps until eventually it freezes for 10-20 seconds. This only happens when disarming traps, and the only issue I'm experiencing. The rest of my computer seems to continue normally (ie: a video, or audio continues playing while this stalling happens).
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