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  1. Thanks guys much appreciated. Excerpt - this is fantastic tutorial, thank you for that.
  2. Thanks, that worked. But I still don't see how to, for example, change talent from "per rest" to "per encounter" In Pillars of Eternity I just opened talent with Extractor, exported required MonoScript, change values, imported back and that's it. In Deadfire I cannot see those files. Perhaps they compressed in Assetbundles folder?
  3. I had similar problem - I reduced game graphics settings to medium and that helped.
  4. Hi Guys, Maybe its stupid question but how do I open those .gamedatabundle files? I tried AssetBundleExtractor but it won't work. Thanks
  5. Hi Elric, Devil - just disease and poison. She still can get sickened, confused, charmed, dominated or unconscious, unlike other animats.
  6. Animats it's just an example but soul is soul. Also in their description state that they can be very unstable and confused, even destroy themselves - thats an easy feature to exploit by cipher. And also what about devil of caroc - she's the same group of creatures, shouldn't she also have all these immunities? Lots of vessels - which are basically soul trapped in dead body - are immune now to cipher manipulation. No sense (except maybe for skeletons). I like what you said - high resistance at best. Lots of this immunities in my opinion should be high resistance at best.
  7. Hi guys, I just start playing back PoE with my new White March after nearly 2 months break. Playing Cipher I'm a bit puzzled by some Immunities. It says that cipher powers base on manipulation of soul. So why animats or fampyrs or guls etc. which have, a bit roughen up, but otherwise normal soul that make their existence possible are immune to some of my powers(like charm or confusion)? I have feeling that idea of these immunities is blindly taken from other systems like dnd and incorporated here. Unfortunately some of them does not make sense here. I am a bit disappointed. What do you think? Thanks Aras
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