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  1. I'd also prefer Rauatai, though I may have a totally wrong impression about that nation. Having only Kana as source of information, who reminded me a lot on Twoflower, I'd assumed Rauatai to be Pillars version of China. So this would be interesting to see as a location in a western RPG. But probably I am totally wrong and it is a completely different place. Might still be fun to explore, based on what Kana told about it.
  2. Not getting it yet, for two reasons: For one, I am a bit worried that it's main focus is combat (being IWD themed), and I am playing more for the story and the general feeling. However, I didn't have a chance to check out any in-depth reviews yet, so the worry might be completely unfounded. The main reason why I am not getting it yet is that there isn't a physical release. I bought a boxed copy of the main game, and I'd like to have boxed copy of the expansion too (even if it is just like the Skyrim DLC, a DVD case with a Steam code inside). With the expansion split into two parts, I g
  3. The Adra Dragon fight was the single most memorable moment in the game for me. Took my lvl 11 party a few attempts on medium difficulty, but I was so overjoyed when it finally fell ... no other part of the game came even close to evoking that level of emotion. Compared to that, Thaos dropped dead from just looking at him. He wasn't any challange on medium.
  4. Only been lurking on the forums so far, but here I have to chime in and express my gratitude for the Linux version as well. I'm not a backer, and from my experience with the Infinity Engine games I was not sure if I'd really enjoy Pillars of Eternity. The fact that I could play on Linux was the one factor that caused me to reconsider and get a boxed copy for €50. I have not regretted the decision, since played through the game (unlike BG and BG2) and will be happy to buy the expansion should it ever get a physical release. So yeah, we Linux gamers might be the minority, but we exist.
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