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  1. The enchant on Scordeo's Edge that gives you zero recovery for 3 second on hit with 10% chance is absolutely insane. Does someone tested is it work on barbarian carnage hit?
  2. So this ability doesn't work like it should according to description. Is there any official comments about this? Is it bug in the ability, or mistake in the description?
  3. Is that stuff realy that broken as I think it is? Is that really just free Heart of Fury on each kill? Also, does it triggers a barbarian carnage?
  4. Can you explain how this sword works? Is that an actual legitimate second attack in the cone AoE? Does it has any penalties? How does it interracts with barbarian carnage? I thought to go with dual longswords for my Devoted/Berserker, but looks like this is a strong variant too...
  5. I thought that Deep Wounds is pretty meh... Because damage do not stack and each new strike just reset the timer. Am I wrong?
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