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  1. the devs don't care, because they have the opinion, it is THEIR GAME, and so we have to do what they want ... they have done that arrogant DLC policy behavior already in their other games, so it will not happen ... we will have to wait, if someone will provide a mod, like it was in the other games, for a solution ! And because they already have our money, they don't care , we should get lost and they will keep their arrogance to design worthless DLCs , which shows, they have been ripped out later from the full game, to sell them again, because why the hell to develop always DLCs,
  2. No there was no point of no return save, only one inside the ship, but that idi... ship AI tells me, we couldn't start WTF ... at least I had an -50% voucher, so I have bought the season pass for 12.- SO DOES ANYONE KNOW, at least @Obsidian from which point the second DLC will be starting ... think will wait one more year and hope to run against a wall, to forget , what the game was about to enjoy that 40h until the new content could be played !! Or please make at least at the LAST CONVERSATION after the rescue a decision like "oh , I have forgotten something , wait here, I am ba
  3. Yeah they have done it in all their games, seems really they hate their customers , close how arrogant EA was (is now a little bit better) and Bethesda still is. Still don't get it, what is the fun for them to do it that way, to upset people ? Special if it is easy to code an option like, in the menu "Convert last save game to be used for the DLC" , if I am not able to develop a story, which happens after the end, special in a game, where the last INGAME conversation is, that there is still much to do ?
  4. Glad I read that, how stupid could a developer be to think that we all want to play their games over and over ? Special a RPG, where the fun is to find out new things and read the story and make personal decisions ... IT IS BORING AF to do it again ... DLCs / ADDOns should always be AFTER the ending, or it looks like you have deleted it already from the finished game to sell it later for more money ! or at least transfer the last saved game back so that we could use it and only have to do the last part again, IF WE WANT ! _____________________________________________________
  5. So I have read ALL text, walked everywhere , crafted all used items to level 35 , tried to equip my followers with the best fitting gear for them, talked with them until they haven't had to say anything and listened to conversations from them and on the streets ... NEEDED 68 hours and haven't been bored a minute , but some weeks ago finished also Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 120h hours, where I was bored most of the time ... SO PREFER 68 hours of fun and interesting gameplay with an epic endgame for me than 120h of half boredom ! ______________________________________ This from an
  6. Wooow JUST FINISHED it THANK YOU OBSIDIAN just watched my 15 minutes or so PERSONALIZED ENDSEQUENZE with tears in my eyes it was epic ! Only had this 4 or 5 times in my gamer time since 40 !!! years now What difference to a all that hundred of games I finished and most of the time it was WTF ! WISH THE WHOLE TEAM the best and love , thank you ! Looking forward for your next games Keep it up that way yours ALEX
  7. ... somehow a joke, as that same bug has been in POE 1 and only a FAN-PATCH was able to resolve it ... I really couldn't understand how this is possible to happen AGAIN now. If it is new, okay, bugs could happen ... but doing the same error again and again, even it was already solved, such things are unbelievable for me. SO dear devs, please could you look , how you have solved it in your first game and do it for your new product also ... thanks
  8. Thank you for clearing that ... and now it feels like a proper answer. Anyway I also have deleted every save game apart the last one ... (game was uninstalled after I finished it, but I always keep my LAST SAVE GAME, from any game I played !) so no chance to use that working save game. As I NEVER played any CRPG a second time since 40 years now !!! I had the option not to play white march I and II or teleport my party out from the dungeon ! Decided to teleport them out and playing now part I Please design your games in the future that way that it is always possible to use the "las
  9. Why so arrogant , if you designed your DLCs wrong ? And not supporting endgames ? So it is too much to tell the console command to reset the save game to the state before chapter 3 , what nice company ! We have bought your DLC's also and they have been released months after the main game, so it wasn't our fault that you forgot to design your DLCs proper that they fit into the main story. Thank you for nothing ... even I bought your game and all DLCs this time, I will be sure not to do it again, if someone ask for such a small request and treated like we want millions or have stolen so
  10. Hi there, made some time ago the mistake to teleport myself out before I touched the last pillar, so I could continue White March 1 and now 2 ... played some time with DLC1 and now downloaded DLC2 and walked back to my castle and wanted to access it , but it tells me I am not allowed to do so ... seems the game thinks I am still in front of the pillar ! IS THERE A CONSOLE COMMAND TO ALLOW ACCESS TO THE CASTLE AGAIN ? PLEASE COULD SOMEONE HELP ... THANK YOU PS: Couldn't find my savegames also )
  11. Anyone know how to solve that http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507957770 Thanks
  12. Hi does anybody know how to enable stronghold Access again, when it has been disabled ? THX
  13. Dear Devs, could you please share that console command ! As I really want to continue with my LAST SAVE GAME, where the end fight has been already won, but the pillar hasn't been touched ! WHY DEACTIVATING the Castle managment ? PLEASE tell me how I could enable it again ... as I already have teleported the Group to the Castle THANKS
  14. Also think it should be possible to continue SO I teleported my Group out BEFORE I touched the last PILLAR (using the console) BUT NOW THAT EVIL DVES have deactuvated the Castle managment !!!!!!!!!! WTF Does anyone know how I could activate the Castle managment again ?
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