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  1. Ok, je vous dirais ce que j'en pense, merci ! J'espère que vous avez fait gaffe a certains trucs littéraires type vaisseaux justement, parce que y a pas que des bêtises
  2. Vaisseau n'est pas si mauvais. Il s'agit du sens "Coupe" comme l'indique le Littré (fin de la page : http://dictionnaire.sensagent.com/vaisseau/fr-fr/ ) C'est peut être un peu viellot et littéraire mais moi j'aime bien. Si vous voulez le remplacer par "Navire", ca me va aussi. J'aime bien cette métaphore. Il manque un lien vers vos fichiers pour qu'un noob comme moi puisse en profiter !
  3. It still does not explain why those books were sold. I may have sold them to this merchant, but I'm pretty sure I did not deplete any stack :/ I will try to list books on an old save and see if there's some still missing.
  4. This is very strange, I found them back :/ The dozens merchant who sells weapons at the dozens HQ had them... Really strange, I don't remember selling them to her ! edit - there you got the item I sold in large quantities too !
  5. That should be, Steam (splash screen). I play in fr-FR.
  6. Oh, holy mace of world destruction +12, please Soulbound to me, because I'm pacifist (and will use you the right way). Makes sense to me, at least for Durance
  7. 5 posts = direct posting, yay \o/ Forgot to say this log does not contained books disappearence. It happens yesterday or maybe the day before and my computer was shut between each day. Maybe this happens with me playing that day with the graphical setting (I push the slidder from default middle to rigth). One other thing that can or won't help : I've got the "can't fire the special invited guard in my Castle bug" (and I insisted multiple times to fire that psion guy). I noticed inventory bugs since I noticed that bug... But maybe that last thing is because I'm a software dev too so seing one bug made me switch the bug radar on Ha, dev paranoia Thank you !
  8. Well, I just was trying to reproduce this with an old save, I couldn't I'm pretty sure I never sold another time a book to any merchant in the game. When trying to reproduce with that merchant (map is AR_0104_Copperlane_House_03), I had a weird bug : moving from the sanitory to that merchant in Copperlane (the mad guy in the dormitory), the armor of my main character just disapear from the armor slot... There's a lot of " Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone" in the logs at that specific moment. I'm not sure it's the first time I see item disappaering, usually not from my equipement, happenned maybe 2-3 times. I usually reload and this is done. Anyway. I was using my last save, doing stuff, then go back to this merchant and my old books are all sold allready (last thinggs i did before writing this) About the original book bug, I also remember selling those books from the "cache" (not from a character, from the coffin icon), going from tab to tab, messing with the sorts (by item, by price, etc). I sold a huge pile of recipe items (107 -> 50, 87 -> 50, etc), then go to the books, selling some, buy stuff, going back to recipes items, etc. Sadly that was another day for the logs. File + Log (in a .rar file, game is minimazed) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o08y61m01fh3f0o/Books.rar?dl=0 A HUGE thank you for your time, I hope you have everything you need.
  9. Sagani is doing great in my first play through. The only thing I'd gives ranger is a special equipement named "collar" for their pet. It would use technically the slot of the Mage grimoire and boost the pet in different ways. The pet is a very monolithic part of this character. You can boost it through lvl up abilities but you can't adapt to the situation. I'd like those enchanted collars to give some feats to the pet like +25% damage to (spirits / humans / etc), a healing spell, buffing or debuffing auras, +10% attack speed, poisonous fangs, etc, etc... That way, a ranger could use his pet different ways depending of the situation.
  10. In need of cash, I sold some of ly book to that mad guy in Copperlane, in a dormitory. So whenever I had 3 books, I sold 2, etc. I remember the merchant interface was clean. Now I'm 10 hours after this, overwrited most of my saves and most of my books are not in my inventory anymore. Is it possible that selling part of a book stack to a merchant sells the whole stack, not displaying it in the merchant interface but in the inventory interface later ? I will try to rebuy those tonight if that are still in the merchant inventory to be sure only stacks of books have this problem.
  11. Hi, I read that many texts have been corrected in the 2.0. I play the french version, and zI'd like to know if the 2.0 will have translated text at release ? Thank you for this awesome game.
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