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  1. I'm looking into this from a technical perspective at the moment but I'm not a coder and I don't have much knowledge of Unity, so I'm hoping it can be done without too much scripting. I'm looking at ways of importing new companion and player voice packs into the game, I've got that you can import them as ogg files and overwrite the current settings but what I'm after is the ability to create *new* options. That way, players can add a larger pool of voices to the options when creating a character. Tried just a copy, rename, and paste as a quick test - nada. Anyone had any better luck
  2. I've just recently picked up this game but I used to do a few custom character voice packs for BG2 and IWD, would be cool to pick that up again and do a few new ones for this as well. Question to anyone who's attempted it so far, is it an easy enough task to get custom voice packs into the game? Any guidelines on how to build them? I'm talking character/companion packs at this stage and potentially enemies, changing scripted interactions is more of a dev job and I'm not interested in that. Would be pretty cool to put together a pack as I've also felt the selection of voices are
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