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  1. Any chance the patch will fix the broken Principi achievement? Last one I'm missing
  2. One thing I'd really like is the ability to click on the fog of war. Right now it requires a lot of clicking to fully explore the new areas, which could be somewhat avoided if we could click the fog of war. That and adding some random encounters and I think there's a pretty good system here.
  3. I completely agree. In the first game you could be running around in fast mode all the time, and whenever you got into combat it would automatically go to normal speed. I'd love to see this option come back. Right now I often forget that I'm in fast mode, because I'm used to it changing automatically, and suddenly the entire battle has gone by
  4. When using the Defend Self type of auto attack, my casters don't start casting their abilities until they've been hit in combat. In a way I suppose this makes sense, but it's pretty annoying when I want to have my casters just hide behind a shield and not go into melee, but I have to use Defensive to make them use the AI Behavior.
  5. When using the GUI mode where the portraits appear in the middle of the screen, I think the centering on the ability bar feels... Weird. I feel like instead of having the bar be centered above the portrait of the selected character, it should be centered in the very middle of all the portraits. The way it is done right now also cases some overlap in the interface, as shown below. I really like the option to choose between different interfaces, and especially this one, but the weird centering is putting me off of it a little bit.
  6. Most likely that's the interview IGN live at E3 is airing at 12:40 pm PT
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