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  1. This spell is one of my favorites. I really enjoy using it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is affected by this bug. Probably many other users suffer as well - they are just silent. I want to fully enjoy this game - one of the best I've ever played. I'm a developer as well and I do understand that such bugs can happen and can be hard to debug. But I cannot accept this workaround. Telling users to resign from some part of the game only because there are problems converting saves after update is not very professional. I'm sure your developers can handle this situation. I preffer to wait for th
  2. Ok, so how can I properly convert the old save? Obviously I don't want to loose my progress. Any script or something like that?
  3. Thanks for the response Aarik, I checked the build number. it seems to be the newest avaiable - I even ran the "verify integrity of game cache" in Steam. I got the message there is 1 file that will be reaquired. Unfortunately, the problem still occurs. I even tried to remove all the saves and put the old ones from 1.0.5 to let the game convert saves again. The Wall of Flame still does no damage.
  4. Description: Wall of flame spell does no damage either to foes or allies. It just doesn't work and is completely useless. It used to work properly before. I cannot give you the specific patch number though because I had a long break. When I came back it just stopped working after updating the client. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Launch the attached saved game, move down the corridor to encounter enemies and start fighting. Choose any mage (Isandrod or Aloth) and cast the Wall of flame. There is no any damage dealt from the Wall of flame source. Important Files: https://www.dropbox.
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