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  1. All hail the developers for porting to linux. A really thankful debian user.
  2. Considering that Baldur's Gate, the corner stone of this game genre (i'm not counting pen and paper games), was published in 1998 and that PoE (clearly a descendant of that) still has a cap level mechanic after 17 years, maybe there is a good reason for it. Also, let us not forget that obsidian was created by some of the guys who worked for black isle, the studio that basically created BG (if i am not mistaken). PoE, like BG etc., is basically a pen and paper RPG adventure/campaign. You start from xp level X (1 in PoE) and end up at most at xp level X+n (12 in PoE), since the publisher has
  3. In my case the number of hirelings was the critical factor, basically one of my two prisoners (random) kept escaping until I had 8 hirelings (their "class" did not matter). CONTEXT Game version: 1.05 (linux platform) In-game time: over three months Main quest: beginning of act II. All Act I side quests and tasks completed, about 50% of Act II side quests and tasks completed. Stronghold: prestige 22, defense 35 (I had all the upgrades granting a defense bonus plus 1-2 granting only prestige bonuses) Number of prisoners: 2. The first one was captured no more than 10 days before the unavoida
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